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MArdans MArdans

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It took 7 years to the day but we finally did it :) it was a beautiful day, blessed with family, friends and even a little rain

Zonicky222 Zonicky222

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 The day my off became complete ❤️

mrsprincess mrsprincess

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A dream come true. The most perfect day of my life. If this were the first and only thing that I could ever mark as "Done" on my bucket list, I would die happy. True story. 


mandiijohnson mandiijohnson

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Done :)

outdoorsydebbie outdoorsydebbie

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every girl's dream is to find that special someone to spend their life with.. on may 19th I married my best friend!! in an adorable log cabin chapel nestled in the mountains of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. It was perfect! I couldn't be happier!!



hsimons hsimons

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I will find the one and then work for us my whole life. I know there will be hard times but thats what makes the good times even better.

and i want a beautiful outdoor ceremony!

ReStartRae ReStartRae

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On November 4, 2006 I married Joshua Allen.  One of the best decisions I have ever made.

LydiaTan LydiaTan

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metalintheflesh metalintheflesh

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Lorne Tony Moskal

AnthonyHahn AnthonyHahn

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October 9, 2010

Andy87 Andy87

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We married 2014. June 21  DONE! :DDDDD And I think, It was my best decision:D

KarylH KarylH

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40 years to the day since our first kiss, Ian and I were married.

kristanalley kristanalley

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Got married March 21, 2009!




TiffanyLipira TiffanyLipira

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Because of financial issues, my husband and I just had a notary sign off on the paperwork.  We are still planning on having a party. 

SoarAway SoarAway

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We were married August 22, 2010 at the Kotel in Jerusalem, Israel.  I don't have any photos up yet from the wedding, but here is one from our engagement party!


LisaB LisaB

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Still together after all these years. And still madly in love.




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