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Fatima Fatima

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So what? I saw a famous actress in my country , so what ?! Some of my dreams are for the past years, they were so childish!😑😐😶

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met warwick davis

Smiz Smiz

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 Does Adam Brand Count?

Brilliant_Disguise Brilliant_Disguise

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I've met some band members after concerts but if I have to choose just one to put in this goal it is going to be Michael Monroe. Hanoi rocks was the band that made me love rock so seeing Michael with his new band was a huge thing for 16 years old me and after second concert I met him at backstage with other fans. They released new album that day so he was in good mood (like almost always though) and was very polite and invite us inside to take photos with him, he wrote autographs and told stories. And made a great impression!

meowmix06 meowmix06

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 Keith Urban

BeanieMason BeanieMason

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Bowling For Soup, Preston, 2012. VIP - met BFS, Patent Pending and The Dolly Rots

steven_succar steven_succar

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met Salma Hayek in the world premiere of the prophet 

that's two goals in one

todddykes todddykes

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Okay Patterson Hood may not be famous to some but he's my idol.He is the lead singer of Drive by Truckers who has been a band for twenty three years.They have success here and overseas.We seen him by himself in a small venue.We was a little early so he kept walking by to his merch table to check on things I suppose.My husband calls him over to my suprise.He's a cool guy.

mangotree mangotree

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Juice, Bobby and Tig from sons of anarchy! This was pretty great indeed!!!

cherry_m0.0n cherry_m0.0n

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 The most wonderful experience ever! I got to meet Romeo Santos for the signing of his cd Formula 2. The most amazing moment was when I kissed him and hugged him. He's so gorgeous!!!! The only bad part about this, his crew did not permit photos due to a massive crowd. 

sarah1777 sarah1777

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Amazingness but not personable. Surprise surprise.

david.wilson.357 david.wilson.357

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Actually got the opportunity 3 times to meet someone famous.

1st was at Mansfield, MO.  I met Dean Butler who played Almonzo in Little House on the Prarie 2013​

2nd was in Iola, KS at the Buster Keaton Film Festival 2013.  I met Paul Dooley from Sixteen Candles and numerous other movies and television shows.

​3rd was in Branson, MO at Silver Dollar City in 2013.  I met Buck Taylor who played Newly on Gunsmoke.​


IvcaSammet IvcaSammet

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 My favourite person ever ♥ Met him twice so far ♥

booiet booiet

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Met Warwick Davis, Gary Dourdan, Andrew Rothenberg, Dan Croll and Ben Roberts. All amazing people!! 

blagman blagman

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 met lots of famous people over the years  

kaylairenecody kaylairenecody

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November 25, 2009

Met Kirstie Alley at Thanksgiving

Summer 2012

Met Bill Nye, at the Homestead, with Elizabeth Cowan 


LeonaIrving LeonaIrving

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 Met Sam+Billie Faires+ Amy Childs

the_end the_end

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 Met 50 Cent at my old job. 

JessicaD11 JessicaD11

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Went on the Warped Rewind Cruise and met a ton of bands.

17036 17036

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My boyfriend and I went to country on the beach in Key West, each night there was private concerts at the hotel. It was an awesome yet relaxing experience. We got to meet and play with a lot of the artists. This night it was Lee Brice!

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