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Calico Calico

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We made the offer to buy back in September, and they accepted...with an April 1st move-in date. Things were looking a little touchy for a while there, with the coronavirus situation, but we managed to sign our mortgage on March 18th and sign the rest of the papers on the 27th. On March 30th, the old owners were already out and left us the keys! We own a townhouse babyyyy

 Now that JR and I are engaged, we're looking to move from our apartment into either a condo on-island or small house off-island within the next few years.




wickedmuffin wickedmuffin

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It is soooo cheap to own your own apartment in Lycksele. My first one I bought cost me around 9.000$. Now I have another one, a bit more expensive but it´s in a bigger city, and that one is around 40.500$. Easy!


ThisGirlCanDREAM ThisGirlCanDREAM

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I bought my 1st house 2 weeks after graduating college!! I was soo EXCITED to be 21 and buying a house on my own!! I love my house! And at Age 25 I'm ready to sell my house and travel the world...hmmm...

worksbyreid worksbyreid

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Msteed86 Msteed86

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I was officially a home owner on 1-23-2009! What an accomplishment especially since I was only 22 years old.

jagraham5 jagraham5

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I purchased my first home three months after my 25th birthday. It has 1800 sq feet, 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths!

BeeHappy BeeHappy

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I am a home owner, it was the smartest thing I've done for myself.

IfGodiswilling IfGodiswilling

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Home is paidoff

angelandy777 angelandy777

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Well, technically the bank still owns it, but still!

dominic.bucci.7 dominic.bucci.7

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Love owning my own home and not having to pay rent, but it can be costly, as there is always something to maintain or repair.

Xiomy Xiomy

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I have mixed feeling about this only because maintenance always needs to be done. 


Calpron Calpron

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Bought a home with my wife 

patricia.logston.3 patricia.logston.3

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 Not only was it am amazing feeling but we have raised our girls in this house and it truly became a home. 

Nicole Holding Nicole Holding

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Bought my house and moved in on 23 November 2006


SkittenPFC SkittenPFC

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Over-rated & expensive.


charles.edwards.bucketlist charles.edwards.bucketlist

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 Owned various over the years, sold most of them left with one now.

snwsandy snwsandy

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Actually this is the second time I've owned a home.


Wild_Squirrel Wild_Squirrel

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October 22, 2009! Coming up on 6 years which is longer than I ever lived in a single house my entire life.  

Gisolde Gisolde

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 Love my new house! It's amazing <3

bamabelle22 bamabelle22

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Closed on May 21, 2010 - day before my 25th birthday


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