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Mangjose Mangjose

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Got my dream home before I turned 30. Im never a fan of suburban life and so I got myself a condo. 

jennifer.h.miller.1422 jennifer.h.miller.1422

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 Closed on my home last week. I love it. :)

larali larali

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 I am fortunate enough to own my dream house (well, the bank owns it until we are done paying the mortgage, but anyway.)  This is something that I count as a blessing, since I did not "work" to achieve this goal other than marrying my husband who happens to make enough money to afford a house like this, and it was really surprisingly affordable for us at the time.  One of those "meant to be" type things.  But here is the lesson:

ANY home can be your dream home.  It is all about appreciating what you have and not taking it for granted.  Even with a beautiful home of my own I find myself taking it for granted.  I could be spending a lot more time and effort decorating, cleaning, and planning events in my home and really making use of it.  My husband and I sometimes complain about the money and time and work it takes to keep it up (mostly, he complains :p) but that's part of the fun and the experience of owning a home.  And, frankly, my memories of the crappy apartment we lived in when we first got married are just as wonderful, because of the love we put into making it our home.

(Pic shown is NOT my house)

illusion illusion

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I own my dream summer house. I got my father to buy it 1996. My dream is to make it look like as it was in old days. I think it is from 1896 or around that. So any one who wants to help me ? Please someone who want to live a summer (or more) in the Swedish countryside and having a wonderful time. :) If you don't have the skills, you maybe can sponsor with a little money for staying there ?

shannon.parreira shannon.parreira

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October 2009

Scorpion46 Scorpion46

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When we moved into our house in Brookyn, we felt as if we were visiting a wealthy friend.


Cinder121 Cinder121

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my husband and me bought our dream home, got a divorce and I lost the home.

myawhite myawhite

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Owned on 22th october 2013

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