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bohemiaheart bohemiaheart

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I registered my business name and received an ABN to start trading as a business back at the end of January and I created a Facebook page. It's a slow process and i'm just getting started, but I've had a couple of clients (that aren't friends or family) call me for family photoshoots, and thye've been really happy with the service and photos :) I want to be a successful wedding photographer in the future.


Pickles Pickles

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I am pretty happy that everything is now in place and This Life List is officially registered as a business in Australia. My blog will be a revenue stream to finance my pursuit of completing my Life List.

Check it out at thislifelist.com

The website is not only about my bucket list experiences but it will be a resource for anyone interested in getting inspired, needing some advice, getting information on ways to finance their own bucket list goals or if you just want to have a good read.


atif.saad atif.saad

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 Feels liberating seeing the ideas that were visualized coming to life! :) 

KittyTheMoose KittyTheMoose

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I started my own photography business at 16. I'm now on my way to being 18 and it's still going. I've enjoyed every single photo shoot and through it, I found my current loan pony. Plus, I'm earning money doing a job I really love and not many people can say that!


Floro Floro

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My family had a restaurant. It is always hard work, but specially when you have (small) kids. 

sleepycat1993 sleepycat1993

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Started my own travel agency 16 years ago, hard work, challenging 


mstanturf mstanturf

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Started my business in 2012. Still going strong today.


weirdwhitmers weirdwhitmers

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 I crochet children's items for a living. It doesn't make much, but it allows me to stay at home with my kids and do what I love. No one above me, no one below me. Just me. ❤️

megprince53 megprince53

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my own bookshop at 18..


DadsLifeBlog DadsLifeBlog

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 I actually own 4. I design my businesses around my life.

1.Jagged Edge Fitness

2.The Colorado Hiker

3. GenFit

4. Dads Life Blog


jojomac jojomac

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started a event planning buisness 


ashley.n.hunter.9 ashley.n.hunter.9

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Bakery - Georgian Belle Bakery


victoria1982j victoria1982j

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 I work for a business called Forever Living which isn't MY business but it is working for myself.

serenitygardenart serenitygardenart

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I am a self employed Artist and Medium - on the best psychic directory list for Canada 

check out my site at lindamassonmediumintuitive.weebly.com

nancita5 nancita5

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 INSIDE Self Growing Lab


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Soon with God on my side I will build an empire 


delmanda delmanda

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 I am an independent travel agent


CarolAnne62 CarolAnne62

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I purchased a Pet grooming shop in St. Petersburg, Florida when I was 23 years old.  Since then I've also opened a health food store for dogs and cats.  The two businesses complimented one another quite well.  I have sold both those businesses and 6 years ago started what is now a very successful mobile grooming business in the mountains of North Georgia.  I'd say my biggest challenge was ignoring the fearful thoughts of the businesses not succeeding.

droav droav

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 i´ve done my own busines whit my best friens that is in the music busness 

mama.vida mama.vida

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Owned a little electronic cigarette store in FL 2013

Had to close it down at the end of 2014


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