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caro_rods caro_rods

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miami beach parasail, really relaxing


jmadolphins jmadolphins

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 I have always wanted to go parasailing and I finally got to on my senior trip to Florida with my family. While we were up in the air, we ended up seeing dolphins swimming through the water and it was amazing. It was one of the best experiences in my life.

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Scary but totally worth overcoming your fears for!


Balum Balum

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Found it a bit scary at first but very relaxing after being up in the air for a few minutes. I got to do it in Mexico, awesome view ^.^

Benn3926 Benn3926

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My sister took four of her friends and me to go parasailing for her birthday last year. I was surprised how relaxing and unscary it was! 


Chantalligent Chantalligent

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 It was like having your dream of flying come true! I felt in peace and  would do it again in a heart beat!

ms9808 ms9808

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October 9, 2014

Parasailed with my cousins (Bon & KC) along with Shane. We bought the tickets through groupon for a cheaper price ($75 for 2). The boat took off at Ala Moana and we were allowed to jump off the boat. Shane and I swam in the open water one mile off the coast.


rootke02 rootke02

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July 25th, 2013- Golden Birthday 

Lorraine_cadena Lorraine_cadena

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I went parasailing in boracay, Philippines! It was incredible


jeremiahmeaghan.johnson jeremiahmeaghan.johnson

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I have now been Parasailing 2 times in my life. Once when I was 12 years old in FL. and once when me and Jeremiah went on our Cruise in California. 

jenny.bondevik jenny.bondevik

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On a vacation to Bulgaria with my family


danialdyy danialdyy

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Dominican / 2011


Yepishinad Yepishinad

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Summer family vacation 2015! Para sailed with dad over pensacola beach.


TickleLish TickleLish

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My cousin and I visited Ocean City and of course we had to try out the parasailing. We decided to go up 1,000 ft and let me tell you, it is not for the light of heart! Knowing those two little clips are what's between you and basically cement at that height can be daunting! But it turned out to be a BLAST and I absolutely loved it! We even saw a shark when we were coming back down. Definitely would do it countless more times :D

talyn77 talyn77

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 The thing that shocked me the most was how quiet it was 600 meters up. I went parasailing on the Adriatic at Baska Voda. Absolutely amazing!!!

Patrice Patrice

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Beautiful and serene experience.  I would definitely do it again.

Maggie664 Maggie664

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Cyprus fun with a big sister who fears heights as much as I do. Love hitting a bucketlist goal with one of the family

jmr615 jmr615

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 Jeff is typically afraid of heights.  But, if you get him drunk and call him a wuss, he'll agree to just about anything.  So one night after a few drinks, he agreed and we bought tickets for the following day. it was sooooo cool!! i keep using it as example of things that i suggest and he balks at doing. :)

dawnintn dawnintn

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I did it!  We went to Destin to Harbor Watersports and I parasailed with my son Chris!  I will never forget this it was awesome!  Thank you Chris for going on a ride of a lifetime with your mom!


sarah.cp9 sarah.cp9

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 Ive been parasailing twice in my life, once in Mexico, and once in Jamaica. Its a scary experience being high up like that but it was definitely worth it. The first time I went parasailing was my favourite time because I got to enjoy the experience with my dad and it was a new experience for me. I would definitely do it again!

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