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GuttersnipeRebecca GuttersnipeRebecca

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 Killed two bucket list birds with one stone on this one.

*Learn the steps to Thriller

*Participate in a flash mob


My daughter and I participated in 'Thrill the World' which is where cities from around the world dance to thrilling at the same time and day (yes across several time zones) Each city also raises money for a local charity as well. Thrill the World Eugene raised nearly $10,000 for Shelter care.

We also did the same flash mob at the Coffin races in Eugene.

felicitahioe felicitahioe

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 Although I cannot dance but I want to participate on this!

fultonator fultonator

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My local swing dance club organized a flashmob to promote the club. It was so much fun!


Spicebutterfly Spicebutterfly

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Zumba Flashmob at Horton Plaza in San Diego! It was awesome! Per the news, there were 200 people! The best national dance day ever! Definitely something I will never forget!

lindseyallyson lindseyallyson

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neishrox1997 neishrox1997

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 I have done many a Flash mods and they are one of the funniest things I have ever done

Shawnadea Shawnadea

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This was by far the one of the best times ive had performing!...Technically it was twice with the same people, we performed at Federation Square in Melbourne, and then outside Rod Laver Arena at the Australian Open tennis. It was for a company called Cardio Tennis


Best Experience EVER!

daphneklein1995 daphneklein1995

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Did a dance flashmob on the Damsquare in Amsterdam with 200 others

1dlover 1dlover

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One Direction's Flashmob!

CatherineJenni CatherineJenni

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Did this as one of the CEI 2012 programs held in Maastricht, Netherlands. The songs we used were Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera, Levels by Avicii, and Fireworks by Katy Perry, all mashed up!

thebatmask thebatmask

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Have been in Steely Pan Steel Band and Nerd Network flash mobs on Sanford Mall.

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