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yoitsdomka yoitsdomka

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There's a saying that it's a man who must build a house, plant a tree and have a son - but why not plant a tree even when, in Eowyn's words, "I am no man"!

There are too many beautiful trees in the world, but I think my favourites are the Weeping willow , and, a little more exotic, banyan tree :)

I had an opportunity to plant trees last Saturday (May the 9th, 2015), as the local authorities ordered afforestation in the nearby woods, and searched for volunteers among nearby citizens. We could go there, were offered a shovel and bags of seedlings (as many as we wished to plant) and were taught how to plant one. It was great fun, although time constraints allowed me and my friend (we worked in pairs) to plant only 17 seedlings. But still, that's 17 times the goal I had on this list :D Oh, and the species we planted was Quercus petraea, meaning a good ol' oak. Hope they get to grow tall and imposing!

Color Color

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 it was an aplletree if you´re curious

MagsArtificem MagsArtificem

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Did it when I was a kid with kindergarden. It was a very nice experience and it's nice to pass there to see how much the tree as grown (not much, it's not supposed to be very tall)

HannaDenise55 HannaDenise55

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 Today, I finally planted a beautiful year old gala apple tree that I bought! I have wanted to plant a tree for a long time, and planting this cute little budded tree was very rewarding, and I got some good physical activity out of it! Living in Arkansas, it's a little hard to dig a hole deeper than a few inches for one purpose: Rocks. By the time we got down a little over a foot we hit a large slate rock that we had to take time out and break before we could continue. Overall great experience, and hopefully one that will result in some yummy Organic apples! 

Purplepaool Purplepaool

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We planted a tree to honor and remember my Mother in law who died of cancer.

sam.sam64 sam.sam64

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Nani & Neni <3


Klopsik2015 Klopsik2015

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I planted an acorn and a chestnut in my pot. I waited a very long time for something to sprout. However, nothing was comming out of it. After a year I stopped even watering it. I didn't think anything would grow. And then one day I saw a tiny green leaf peeking out. Now the plant is bigger. The question only remains - what is it ☺️? It doesn't look like any tree I know 🙄

abigailpalmer10 abigailpalmer10

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I planted a tree in 2007 while it was just a stem-looking thing and it grew and grew and made it through an ice-storm, some blizzards, and droughts. Though I have moved and it's planted at my old house I hope to drive by and see it grow. 

TemptedBlaze TemptedBlaze

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I named him Nedward. He got too big so we dug him up and gave him to somebody that had a huge yard. I'm sure he will be happy there.


Found some pics I took when he was a year old on my DeviantArt! The pictures were taken in 2007 so I planted it in 2006. :]


"This is my baby tree that I planted last year! This is his first winter. No matter how much it snows he always seems to keep his head above the snow. I planted him from a branch I found which I didn't think would grow, but as you can see he certainly did."

~Quote from the picture entry on my account

stargazer1400000 stargazer1400000

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Great to think these trees will outlive me. x x x

stu12081981 stu12081981

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Connies first real Christmas tree planted

adorjan.illes adorjan.illes

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3 kivi, egy datolyaszilva fa és eperbokrok lettek elültetve a fenntartható fejlődés nevében. // We celebrate Earth Day by planting trees. Tree kiwi trees a persimmons tree and strawberrys have been planted in the name of sustainable development.

Claudiag143 Claudiag143

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We completely rerenovated our back yard and we planted a few palm trees and banana leaf trees. They have grown so much in a few short years


scott.bahantka scott.bahantka

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I have planted several trees when I owned my own homes.


Bucketmaniac!! Bucketmaniac!!

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The entire Aggiehood planted saplings to restore lost pines at bastrop. It was very cold out there but everyone gathered for this community action and made it a great success as always. It was a liberating experience. One should try atlest once in life.

taliaroumeliotis taliaroumeliotis

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Went tree planting with my highschool.

PrincessOfGray PrincessOfGray

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I planted more than 1 tree and it was great. We planted an entire forest in a few hours and it felt amazing.

AliceJustAnother AliceJustAnother

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Planting a tree is not a quick job. The tree needs tender, love and care. It feels great seeing the tree grow from seeds, producing leaves and then its stem and branches. It is about 30cm tall now!

Milou Milou

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When I was in high school, with my friend. It was a way to say good bye before we all split up for our studies. 



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We went on a field trip in fourth grade and the whole class got to plant one tree. 

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