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rbt89 rbt89

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it was fun and the level of adrenalin was during the game always high. made fun playing with tactic and teamcommunication. but i would not do it again. i never liked guns and still dont like that. pointing at humans and push the trigger and may u could hurt somebody. i prefer peace instead war. :-)

LostFlowerSoul LostFlowerSoul

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It was fun, but the hits are quite painful:D

crbradley crbradley

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It was fun but I highly recommend you do this in colder weather because even with a few layers and a though jacket on...the paintballs HURT!!

sagobrandt sagobrandt

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 This was so much fun, and I really want to do this again.

kwoehler kwoehler

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 10-18 Uhr dort gewesen. Es war sehr sehr anstrengend. Blaue Flecken am Knie, am Oberschenkel, an der Schulter, ...

Milou Milou

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It was by night and I was fucking scared... I'm affraid by video games, I let you imagine what it looks like in "real"... 


Masterse7en Masterse7en

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If walking into your friends house with a new paintball gun and tagging everyone there before they figure out its a paintball gun counts, Then this is completed. 11 kills...

pres10 pres10

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lots of fun!  

being shot doesnt hurt too bad.  And we played on a day when it was about 77 degrees so it wasnt too hot outside, but running through the woods in long pants and long sleeves, yeah we were sweating.  played with my son and a friend along with others who were there.


cristalee cristalee

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I've done it several times in my summer camp (before I was 18) and I love it! I wish I could do it more times though

MrElle MrElle

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This was something I just wanted to prove I could do. I was pretty bad at it and got shot a ton.. But I had a blast.

IntrprDragon IntrprDragon

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Arja Arja

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Not sure about the date.

I went with work, getting hit hurts a lot! Had lovley bruises for the next couple of weeks. 

AllieWasADreamer AllieWasADreamer

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I did this with a good friend and some of his friends. A thing he does almost every year.

It was awesome. Very fun, and kinda exhausting.


Youbetcha Youbetcha

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I hated this experience because I am a chicken! I just hid the whole time in case I got shot at and it hurt!I would be much much better suited to laser tag  

FirebreathingDragon FirebreathingDragon

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Cicatrixx Cicatrixx

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I did this once, and only once. I got shot in the face (with goggles), neck, butt and leg.

EmmaWasHere EmmaWasHere

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I went for my friends party and it was so fun, even though getting shot hurt and I was shot in the back by her father, it was fun.


LeeCrabby LeeCrabby

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 Loads of fun, after that first one hits you, you're fine

theneutronchef theneutronchef

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 2013 Fall

Cypherm3 Cypherm3

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 Played during a YPO retreat in Montana in May 2015. Had a blast but got creamed fast! Those paintballs hurt!!

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