Put My Feet in the Ocean

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hardera hardera

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 I just did it ;) I have both of my feet ,so sharks are proably still hungry.

007raunakbatham 007raunakbatham

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It was a wonderful moment when i along with my family went to a beach for the first time. The sensation of water waves was amazing. Though there were not much people at that time but it felt amazing.


kapiolani.morris kapiolani.morris

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Black sand beach <3


timmonshayley timmonshayley

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frostflower6 frostflower6

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 It was April and freezing so a little less then enjoyable.  

Steven Truman Steven Truman

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 Done this a number of times....very cold in Morecambe bay

shannongould shannongould

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Pictured is my boyfriend because unless I take the pictures there aren't really any...


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First time to the beach was AWESOME :)


beccapeck97@yahoo.com beccapeck97@yahoo.com

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We were hanging out at the Santa Monica Pier after Marching in the Rose Parade. It was a bit cool since it was in January, but there were tons of little seashells in the sand, so I guess that makes up for it. 

atulkumar555 atulkumar555

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Just got myself to a beach and had my geeta wet by the waves.

meebaleeb meebaleeb

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 With my baby, it was beautiful.

soozehallison soozehallison

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Feet in the sea with my son Tristan. The water was very cold.

Kinga Kinga

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 It was better swimming in it. 

revatar revatar

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Gotta do it again and again 

brownbear78 brownbear78

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This is the Pacific Ocean on the Oregon Coast ♡

zuzannagellera zuzannagellera

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 Spain/Atlantic Ocean

RobynE RobynE

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Can do it most days!! Photo from this morning's walk.


sboyce sboyce

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Recently I joined the Navy, one of my hopes in joining was being able to finally see the ocean. I happened to be stationed in Fort Sam Houston, TX for the last 4 months. I was told by everyone I talked to that I didn't want my first experience of the ocean to be in the Gulf of Mexico. After hours of research I found this little island near the border of Mexico called South Padre Island. I had the amazing opportunity to take a little weekend trip to experience the salty breeze, the relaxing sound of the waves crashing on the beach during the night, the walks along the shoreline searching for all the different varieties of seashells, as well as the warm sandy walks out to the waves, where I found myself laughing every time they knocked me over. I instantly fell in love.

meldav0113 meldav0113

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 We did the "footprints in the sand", and walked along the beach for hours barefoot; taking the occasional dip of course.  Great Day!! This wasn't the first time my feet were in the ocean.  The very first time was the Gulf of Mexico when I was 9 and we lived in Houston, Texas.  The second time was in San Francisco; while visiting my best friend since 13 years old; Fannie (Butler) Wilks. 

sugarpop5571 sugarpop5571

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 Many people have done that and its usually cold but its always fun!

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