Ride a camel in the desert

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vuente vuente

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In Egypt long time ago... In 2003 !


moniqua_91 moniqua_91

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I rode a camel in the Sahara Desert during my trip to Morocco. We rode the camels for 1.5 hrs to our overnight destination in the desert. Sleeping under the starts was quite remarkable...but the bugs were not! Riding a camel is actually not very comfortable, so the 1.5hr ride back the next day was quite tortuos! 


Floro Floro

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Riding a camel in the sunset in Sahara with absolutely no wind!

krh74 krh74

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Visiting Morocco was amazing!  The food, people, spices, zoo, ocean, pools, camel ride and so much more made for a fabulous 10-day vacation!


apoland79 apoland79

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 May 2008.

Trip to Egypt and Jordan.

Visited the Great Pyramids and Sphinx. I was a little disappointed that such marvels are on the outskirts of Cairo, quite literally within walking distance of the Cairo ghetto. The Nile was more of a stream, dirty, and covered in garbage, but the pyramids themselves were a sight to behold. We walked/crawled into one, and fought off extreme claustrophobia to enter the tomb hidden beneath.

We rode camels around the area behind the pyramids, and although the pictures imply it was in the middle of the desert, the sprawling city of Cairo was just out of the frame.

All in all, it was a neat experience.

CharlotteLouise CharlotteLouise

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Rode a camel in the desert in Dubai

celizabeths13 celizabeths13

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 Spent the night in Wadi Rum Desert and rode out on camels with members of the Bedouin Tribe.

Margitorsolya Margitorsolya

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fun   :) :) :)


Nele en Kevin Nele en Kevin

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Loved it!


louisedurhamx louisedurhamx

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swatig88 swatig88

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One day before my birthday. .We (a group of 8 friends) decided to do a camel (double hump) ride in Nubra valley .

vmerkulov vmerkulov

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I rode a camel in December of 2008 as part of my Birthright trip to Israel for 10 days. I traveled with a group from Ohio State University, Ohio University, and a few from Miami. We traveled out of Fort Lauderdale.


fedakkia fedakkia

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it was quite scary!i was on a school trip during my second year of high school and i remember that the camel was so tall and i was afraid of falling down but my friends were afraid too so in the end was not that bad even fun but just a bit ahaha


nikolinasrejic nikolinasrejic

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Saharah Desert, Morocco. Most amazing night of my life


mughiwara.ambra mughiwara.ambra

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é stato bellissimo!!! corrono molto e sono altissimi!!!!  

bobster85 bobster85

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Very cool experience. Spending a night under the stars in our sleeping bags was truly awesome!

bunnyfoofoo405 bunnyfoofoo405

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Meh - undecided either way. There's just something about riding on top of any animal - whether it be horse, camel, elephant....

This particular fun jaunt was at the International Date Festival in Indio, Riverside County. Good banana date shakes - but that was about it. 

TopFrog TopFrog

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Egypt lots of times


Riley94 Riley94

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 With my girl ❤️ Amazing 

crbradley crbradley

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Got to spend a day in the desert. I only got to ride it in a small circle but it was harder to stay on than you would think...as it gets up and down.

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