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Pickles Pickles

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What a great experience. I really enjoyed the graceful stroll along the beach aboard this beautiful creature. My partner and our 5 year old had the camel train all to ourselves.

We were lucky enough to get to hand feed the camels , I even feed one holding the carrot in my mouth. Another This Life List checked off.


den1se3 den1se3

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 A very bumpy ride but nice to say I've done it

Gnarly.Carly Gnarly.Carly

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I decided to study abroad in Brazil once. One of our weekend trips planned was to the sand dunes! We got there and they had camels to ride, but we had to choose between that and riding 4 wheelers. I convinced everyone riding camels was way cooler, (mostly because I knew it was on my B.L.) and after they brought out the turbans for our hair, everyone agreed, couldn't stop laughing, and thanked me a hundred times! ;)

grebe.max grebe.max

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Camels are interesting creatures. Kind of like a combination of a horse, a llama, a dinosaur, and a water tank. Don't piss them off or they WILL spit in your face.  I never wanted to get off the guy! 

Summersizinit Summersizinit

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Rode camel at Birmingham Zoo. August 2013


suzanbond suzanbond

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After 6 years of wanting to do this I finally rode a camel in Morocco. It was awesome.

rachel.doyle.731 rachel.doyle.731

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Painfull experience but it was worth it. We took part in a camel safari in the Sand dunes of Rajasthan, India. We saw the sunset and spent the night under the stars, before watching it rise again. The pain was worth it. 

chemical_elli chemical_elli

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soooo slow and you can't get them to move faster. 

mightyshortgirl mightyshortgirl

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Highschool Trip to Africa & Spain Trip 2008



MOVieMalsaine MOVieMalsaine

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Toujours a Dubai, toujours avec Matt ;)

AliceJustAnother AliceJustAnother

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This was a cool experience. The best part is when they stand up after you mounted. And when they lie down for you to get off.

charlymeow charlymeow

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Nusa dua, bali, Indonesia!  So fun

Burgess8220 Burgess8220

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On the way back to the city from the stunning Amber Fort, we stopped off to see a palace in the middle of a lake called Jal Mahal or Palace of Water. Across the road from here I saw a bunch of camels sat chilling next to some water. Some had those blankets and seats on them, others didn't. 

Being very cheeky, I got my mums partner to ask our tour guide if we had enough time to go for a ride and he said yes!!!! I was so inexplicably excited! We parked up, asked for a ride and was directed to this old rickety metal staircase to climb. The boys got the camels ready and eventually I hopped on. It was kind of difficult and scary at first, but my heart was mostly racing because of how awesome this was!

The camel started walking. I was bobbed back and forth but it actually felt very natural. I was told to hold onto the edge of the chair in front of me, but I found it easier to hold onto the camels hump, and he didn't seem to mind! We were led to some water so the camel could take a sip and then off we went down the street. The boy guiding us asked to take my phone as I took a selfie. At first I was quite scared to give it to him as I didn't want him to do a runner, so this kind of put a dampner on the experience... Only very slightly!

I felt so damn happy, relaxed, majestic, regal, smooth.... I simply couldn't stop smiling! The guy was taking loads of pictures of me, told me to let go and put my hands up etc. He picked a pretty pink flower to put in my hair. We had a really great view of the palace over the water from here too. The boy did give me my phone back after a fabulous photo shoot of pretty much the exact same pose about 50 times haha. Suddenly we were turned around and began to head back to the base. The camel had another load of water since the sun was very very hot. These camels were clearly very well looked after and happy to be there.

Getting off the camel was also a challenge. Not only because I didn't want to get off, but also because we had to climb back onto the rickety metal thing. Eventually I got down and paid my 500 rupees (200 was a tip for the boy), and I took a few more pictures of my camel. The boy did tell me his name but I didn't really understand. I wish he could have written it down for me. Took a few more pictures with the camel, stroked his super soft coat, and said my goodbyes.

Later that day I actually had the opportunity to weave a tiny fraction of a large rug on a traditional mill with camel hair!

The ride went really really quickly, but I truly savoured each and every moment. It's one of my happiest memories ever from my whole entire life. No exaggeration. A magical moment that I will remember forever. 




vanja.fostervold vanja.fostervold

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I tryed to ride a camel in Egypt, Sharm el-Sheik. It was a fun experience, but apparently im alergic to camels, and and one of them desided to lick my leg :P

Halfbaked127 Halfbaked127

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Morocco june 2013 Camels are filthy lazy creatures


DonnaT DonnaT

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Great experiance 

Serivkin Serivkin

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 In Israel before we stayed in a bedouin tent during birthright.

Fannyupcrutch Fannyupcrutch

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Done in Tunisia 2014 with my kids and husband:)


Ryncovine Ryncovine

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I rode a camel at BreyerFest in Lexington, Kentucky on Friday, July 19, 2013.

CharlotteRushton CharlotteRushton

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Going for a camel ride was an impromptu decision we made when I traveled to India with 11 girl guides and four leaders. It was a fantastic choice and, although it was slightly scary when the camel stood up (it feels like you will fall off at any point!) the ride was amazing and the camel 'steerers' were lovely. It really makes you realise how tall camels really are!

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