Ride a gondola in Venice, Italy

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Maz1001 Maz1001

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I love Italy and I love Venice! Have been three times now and people lie about the smell, I didnt think its smelt at all anytime and I have been in the peak of summer!

I decided the splash out on a Gondola ride last time I went, they are pricey! for obvious reasons but you get the see the city in a completly different way!

http://www.flickr.com/photos/95468998@N06/8704855218/in/photostream They also take you through tiny tunnels and bridges!

http://www.flickr.com/photos/95468998@N06/8703731233/in/photostream  and under the famous Rialto Bridge














wickedmuffin wickedmuffin

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I love venice!


bucketlistegypt bucketlistegypt

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This is my favorite city in the whole world - I've been there 14 times! I've written a book called "Annie's Primer for Venice Virgins" to help first-time visitors.

willara2k10 willara2k10

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On Sara's 19th birthday we went on a Gondala. This was the best birthday ever!

Luckily it was the nicest day as we were leaving the day after !


eden.theron eden.theron

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 Well, sort of. :)

emil.classon emil.classon

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Actually, I didn't go with that gondola because it seemed to be like any other boat. Instead I enjoyed Venice travelling with the Vaporettos. It was a really good stay!


Kementari Kementari

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Awesome!!! Amazing how you can get around Venice by the canals. A bit unfortunate that our gondolier didn't sing and that the canals were rather smelly :P

Beththebug Beththebug

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Had a nice long gondola ride in Venice on my September 2015 trip to Italy. It was a major highlight of the trip!


DavidAllan DavidAllan

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Went to Venice and did the full tourist thing. Had a hours ride in a gondola. 

Leprechaaun Leprechaaun

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EXPENSIVE! Not only is the ride quite relaxing but its also more interesting than you would originally think to hear about the story of the sinking city.... one day it will be gone!

Gdally Gdally

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I went with my family on a trip to Italy and we rode a gondola down the grand canal. Probably my favorite  place in the world. 

EsforEmily EsforEmily

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 Venice is such a beautiful place. I went to develop my art skills and draw the architecture there, in March 2010. I would 100% recommend going to Venice. Its like no other place in the world! 

The gondola's are quiet expensive around €85 but you can get 4 people in a gondola so if you're a family of friends and you can split the cost I would defiantly recommend it! It's a whole new way to see the city and how many other places can you experience this. 

In July 2014 I went back to Venice because I loved it so much. I could probably live there, the south islands are residential areas and are quiet and it's paradise to me. The weather was great and it didn't smell like I've heard some people worry about. I want to go back one February for the Masked Carnival/ Festival.

wadha wadha

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it was amazing 

and the man in the picture was so nice 

he took us to the Gondola  factory in told us all about it 

Curlyfry Curlyfry

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 I have been to Venice twice. I loved it and would totally recommend the gondola. You can't fully experience Venice if you don't

emseepee emseepee

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Amazing - Well worth the money which I thought at the time was very expensive.

valgehiir valgehiir

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I really really really liked it! Went there with my mum and dad, but we met really fun couple who agreed to ride with us. Random people sang to us from the bridge and you could really have a glance of  the "spirit of Italy". 



adriana.cirianni adriana.cirianni

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peaceful, unqiue, adventrous 


Armyofgregs Armyofgregs

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On tour January 2014. The gondola driver said in 30 years he'd only fallen off once. He also tipped the boat so we all freaked out as if we were falling in for his amusement. Started to sing in Italian which made us giddy.

anna.rudy1313 anna.rudy1313

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Ryncovine Ryncovine

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I rode in a gondola boat in Venice on Sunday, June 2, 2013.

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