ride a gondola in Venice

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makeit.anyway makeit.anyway

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When you go to Venice the dream is to ride a Gondola around town and fall in love, this dream quickly dies when you find out how expensive gondola rides actually are. Most of the prices I saw were about 80 euro for a ride which when I went was way out of my budget. Thankfully if you look at the maps the hostels (or at least mine) give you you will see there are a few ports where you can essentially cross the street on a gondola for only 3 euro. This is how I completed this wonderful bucket list goal while maintaining my budget! In the video and pictures you will see my lovely boat and driver and the family I sailed across with. What an amazing experience. They even were playing the old timey gondola ride music you'd expect out of a speaker on the boat. Just for the cheesy tourists like me. 

madrusty madrusty

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While the gondolier sings O Sole Mio.

Well pretty close. Never did take the gondola ride but did make it to Venice in May 2014.

eshankar eshankar

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& drink bellinis! 

AngieJolie AngieJolie

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This was my TOP Bucket list item... something I dreamt of FOREVER. Dreams do come true... Now I just want to return and travel the whole of Italy.... 

Tamy Tamy

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 With family during our cruise trip.

NicolMadalina NicolMadalina

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It's been relaxing. I am every summer in Venice and had once the curiosity to ride the gondola.




olea.25 olea.25

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MhairiJM MhairiJM

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A lot of people I know that did this only went on one of the "tourist gondolas" and I know that this seems the obvious thing to do.


But I highly recommend taking one of the "gondola taxis" through the back alleys and actually seeing where people live.



The streets were sometimes so narrow that the boat had to scrape through, and the smell was often unbearable. It was quite hauntingly beautiful, but in a different way to all the tourist routes, and it is definitely worth it!

Ronron Ronron

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Took a gondola ride with the only female gondolier in Venice.

Kimmyraa1985 Kimmyraa1985

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This was wonderful - I look forward to sharing this experience with someone I love in the future :)

karthik karthik

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Euro Trip. April 2011. Venice. Brilliant!

With Mukund and Ajay.

angelwithcurls angelwithcurls

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I rode in a gondola in Venice in 2003 and in June 2008.

Daniella10 Daniella10

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stefstarrynight stefstarrynight

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CPcapers CPcapers

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As chance would have it, whilst visiting my brother and his Italian girlfriend during the period they were living in Padova, two friends from 6th form, Patricia and Kate (Romanian and Russian respectively) were staying in Lido de Jesolo, so Patricia and I secretly organised a meetup in Venice, and I surprised Kate on her 19th birthday. We climbed St. Mark's tower and went on a gondola ride. Was the best day of my trip to Italy!


marathonnurse marathonnurse

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ihrttrvl ihrttrvl

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With Alexandra, Sarah and Megan from Hillfield. I wish I could do it with someone who I'm romantically involved with, but for now this will suffice 

chewy84 chewy84

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 It was expensive but worth every penny.

gracie336 gracie336

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 Spring break trip to Italy with my daughter.

winter winter

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