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bluenwild bluenwild

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Pictures are from Sweden. I learned to ride in Austria, though. I loved it as a kid, but not enough to make hobby out of it.

Brilliant_Disguise Brilliant_Disguise

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 That might be a pony in the picture but I have ride a horse also

bensonell bensonell

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Chris and I went to Equine Boulevard in Agawam to enjoy a spring trail ride through a Groupon. It was one of the first truly nice days of Spring in 2014, April 12. I felt like a natural on a horse and my horse wanted to trot! I jumped on the horse, kicked him and we were off! 

natasha.bubble natasha.bubble

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Been riding horses for years, fully enjoy it. I still remember my first experience on a horse. My cousin brought one to my house a big shire horse and lead me round the block on her. 


TheShaikhAble TheShaikhAble

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It was good, though had a moment of panic when the horses began to run. One of the horses ahead of us would not listen to the rider, it just wanted to eat grass. So when the horse noticed it had fallen behind the trail. It began to run up a hill through a very narrow wooded area uphill. The horses before that horse also began to run. I was on one of those horses.

The girl on the wilder horse fell as our horses suddenly stopped lased around sending our bodies around, I almost fell. I held on but felt I was almost going to fall. It was a good expiernce and I wanted to learn the basics of riding a horse. Though I am not a fan of not feeling in control. Hence the lower stars.


annaliesbronz annaliesbronz

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Being the age of six and getting awarded several blue ribbons and intrinsic accomplishment. The thing I must remember is fear did not exist. The horse and I merged as one and it we performed well. One example is cantering over the cavaltties 

despertarpraviv despertarpraviv

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My first riding a horse was in Portugal in 82. After that I had other opportunities including in Saudi Arabia and Domenican Republic

xoserenaxo xoserenaxo

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 I love horse back riding sooooo much!

Jamiebucketlistgoals Jamiebucketlistgoals

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Never again I was bucked off twice.....nope nope nope lol

ok update new goal for 2018 12 months 12 challenges ..one was face a fear of my choice it was to ride a horse....i did it and loved it :) way better experience  change the stars from a 1 to 5


phoebe.lamb.14 phoebe.lamb.14

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 I completed this when I went on holiday with my family. We went on holiday and when we went down the wrong road stumbled upon some stables that did led horse rides so we decided to have a go. All four of us went on one with mine being called crunchy. Mine was named after it's favourite snack a crunchy bar. Joshua had a horse called Dollie he was so small at the time that he kept almost falling of. My the end of the ride my brother had a lady either side of him to hold him onto his horse. 

Adriilove Adriilove

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 I learnt how to ride a horse and it was really fun, I will absolutely do it again. 

Danse Danse

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Took a horseback tour in Oahu, Hawaii!  So much fun! 

hannah.rash.16 hannah.rash.16

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I was scared at first but the horse was sweet and it was a nice ride, when I was in Tennessee I would love to do this again.

Bituin_Marikit Bituin_Marikit

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winery tour in a horseback


marina.andricic marina.andricic

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I did it last year- It was so funny; one part of the ride was on the beach. Horse that my husband got love sand, so he decide in the meddle of the ride to lie down and do a bit of rolling :)

abigailpalmer10 abigailpalmer10

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We went to a dude-ranch in Colorado and the scenery was beautiful on the trail. Horseback riding is something everyone should do for it takes you away from the technology and cars and gives you a real point-of-view of what our ancestors did. 

jkwbucket jkwbucket

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 Never Again lol..... i was a child when i did this, got bucked off twice in the same hour and will not do it again haha the horse looked like the one in the pic

jnny315 jnny315

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learn how to ride a horse and go riding on some trails for a day.  It was exhilarating and the horse did all the work but rode for an hour on Cutter.  Had a fantasic time

dina.vu dina.vu

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I went horseback riding in summer of 2011 in Huntington Beach, CA. My horse kept going off-track and to the pile of hay instead :(

Nico19 Nico19

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 A few years ago my husband surprised me with a morning horse riding a short drive outside Hobart, Tas. It had been a VERY long time since I last rode and I almost fell off when it started trotting!

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