Ride a jet ski

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ManInCharge ManInCharge

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Rode a jet ski in the Carrabean  

JustinR JustinR

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Rode jetskis with Becky in NC!

Mackenzielemon Mackenzielemon

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Absolutely loved my holiday in Croatia, the family and I went in September 2015 to a place called Brela. Brela beach is one of the most amazing beaches around, although it's rocks not sand the sea is unbelievable. You swim out a few metres and then the surface drops and you can't see the bottom of the ocean. I had my own jet ski and it was fairly cheap considering we got so much time, it was amazing. 


pitbullsneedlove pitbullsneedlove

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It was super scary at first since Marchand and I were two manning. We went out into the open waters where the waves were pretty high. The instructor keep saying this is the real ocean and that anything can happen, meaning we could get eaten by sharks. Marchand jump in the ocean and we switched places and I drove. I hated it at first till I was the driver. One of the best experiences ever.

karlibizamoody karlibizamoody

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 Rode a Jet Ski along the beach front at Bora Bora, Ibiza :D

CharlotteLouise CharlotteLouise

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  Went on an hour Jet Ski Ride in Dubai

dani0327 dani0327

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Queensland Australia - goodbye sunglasses, January 2013

booitscindy booitscindy

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Seattle Lake wow, its so nice. Airplanes flying over head. going to see the most nicest scenery. I can remember feeling th water hit my face and seeing turtles in the water. Going around and picking up trash other people left behind. Then finally getting off at a glass house at the shore of the lake and going in to drink soda. 


Ryncovine Ryncovine

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I did this during water rescue training on Tuesday, January 9, 1999 with the Johnson City Emergency and Rescue Squad.

Gr8wallzofchyna Gr8wallzofchyna

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 It was so exhilarating.  I rode jet skis this summer when my mom came to visit me and my sister.  It took a while for me to be brave enough to go at a high speed, but I eventually did it.  Great times!! I would definitely do it again.

dailic14 dailic14

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have my own jet skis

milkyc0ffee milkyc0ffee

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On Wednesday 12th July 2015, myself and my cousin Taylor, uncle and Jack took it in turns to ride jet skis just off the beach. It was AMAZING.

The power of the jet ski is unreal and I felt so free and full of adventure as I rode the waves of the Altantic!

lynne_docherty1983 lynne_docherty1983

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In Croatia, July 3015



mangoboxer mangoboxer

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 Was very enjoyable

alysiavictoria alysiavictoria

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Funnest thing I've ever done.  Even better than skydiving. 

Kmoney21 Kmoney21

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 Was intense! Like ridding a four wheeler on water and doesn't hurt as bad when you fall off! 

Rachiebond Rachiebond

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 Ayia Napa when I was 21 with my bestie Leanne x 

dantom0710 dantom0710

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lizav lizav

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I rode an old school one and got bruised and sore, but it was worth it!

D1oke D1oke

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On our honeymoon in kefalonia 2001

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