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kateflorian kateflorian

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What used to be one of my biggest fears has turned into one of my favorite pastimes.  I love the feeling of freedom and calm that riding on the bike gives me.  The warm wind in my face and my favorite music playing in my ears, it's an amazing stress reliever.


Moore014 Moore014

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It was a gorgeous day in the holidays and my boyfriend's dad offered me a ride on his motorbike for about 40 minutes. I couldn't stop smiling!

edee080994 edee080994

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I rode on the back of my cousin's motorcycle going 90 mph on September 6, 2015. Although I was somewhat terrified the entire time, I sure felt an adrenaline rush afterward!


DeeDee. DeeDee.

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It was so much wind in my hair. When i got off my hair was tangled and it got big and puffy. It was loud, but awesome.


glen.korsen glen.korsen

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1st legal ride on a motorcycle with my permit!!

HoneyBea89 HoneyBea89

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I was with my cousin.  He was driving.  97mph Left hand held on for dear life, the right hand took pictures! 

darkmisstress darkmisstress

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 -From 1001 Things to Do if You Dare

With my dad, no helmet, on gravel roads until he traded his beautiful blue bike for a hay baler.

grande258 grande258

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I got my license about a week after I turned sixteen. It was very intimidating to be the youngest in class by over twenty years and I could tell everyone paid attention to see how well the little girl did. The good thing is that I passed my first try and I have a kick ass bike and helmet. I'm not gay by any means but I'm pretty much drowning in pussy when I walk into a store in my leather and steal toed boots with my ruby red helmet. 

Samanthamum Samanthamum

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May 30, 2011 — Enon, OH

I finally got to ride a motorcycle one Memorial Day weekend. My uncle offered to take me for a ride around a small town near where I live. It was a really fun experience and I hope to get my own motorcycle someday.

(Entry date: ​July 28, 2014) 

wickedmuffin wickedmuffin

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I do have an motorcycle license and a motorcycel. But I´ve only been on one vacation trip with it, and that was to Norway. I ride it mostly to work:-D


aremmell aremmell

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Love riding motorcyles...maybe ill look into getting my own.  

bosselaj bosselaj

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With my uncle, he picked me up from high school to take me to get my ears pierced.

MrsSem MrsSem

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One of the joys of my childhood was riding on the back of my Dads Harleys. There is nothing that can make you feel "cooler" than being on a motorcycle.

korenuh korenuh

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Two years ago, a friend asked me if I wanted to take a ride on their motorcycle. Of course I jumped at the chance and rode behind them. It was so much fun!

tiffanykhyla tiffanykhyla

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I rode a motorcycle with my friend, Derrick, on May 20, 2009.

Gordongt Gordongt

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vstar vstar

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this was quite a challenge for me, as I had an accident very early on. But with some perserverance and tears, I got back on that saddle and passed a safety course. Now am an avid rider alongside my husband

Perci91 Perci91

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Whilst I was living and volunteering in Tanzania, motorcycles (pikipikis) were by far my favourite mode of transport. For a small fee, you could take a motorcycle taxi where ever you were heading. A fun by-product of this was the astonishment of many of the locals to see a white guy (Mzungu) zooming down the hill!

I made good friends with a few of the drivers and managed to get some very informal lessons driving around a football pitch in town. Great fun!

NautiAndie NautiAndie

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One of my ex-boyfriends had a Harley Davidson. I could care less about him, I miss the bike though! Mark my words, I WILL have a Harley some day.

vertigooftimedefeated vertigooftimedefeated

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Rode a small one before.

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