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ChrisHooley ChrisHooley

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Saw a guy selling tours in San Diego while we were walking around downtown waiting for our charity event to start, asked him if I could try. At first he said no, after telling him it was on my bucket list, he let me try it.

WAY HARDER than I expected! But tons of fun!

elfen elfen

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I did this with some friends of mine. They had all tried it before, I was the only "segway virgin", but they never went to that centre before and all loved it! They had race courses and stuff. It was cool, but I was actually a little scared in the beginning and did like when we road too fast, because I felt like I was sliding off the segway. But it's a do it again thing (though it was quite expensive)! 

lisa515 lisa515

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Glenn, Ally and I were in San Francisco for the World Series.  We had Saturday afternoon free so we went on a Segway tour of the city.  We were grouped with some middle-aged guys from Europe there on business and a great tour guide.  We have all seen most of the city, but it was still so fun to cruise the streets via Segway.  Only wish that the girls had been able to go with me!

Poopie Kitty Poopie Kitty

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I got to take Segway Around the World tour at EPCOT at Walt Disney World Resort!  It was about 3 hours long.  They taught me how to ride the segway and then we went throughout the different countries first thing in the morning before the park opened.  They even gave me a special pin.  :)  It was a lot of fun and I'd love to do it again someday!   

swarren64@gmail.com swarren64@gmail.com

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Was great fun, and particularly entertaining in another city in another part of the world with a bunch of random tourists

BlueSword5 BlueSword5

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I'm going to try to do this next time I go to Raleigh.  Or maybe D.C.  


I road an OFFROAD segway when I was at Biltmore last year!  IT WAS AWESOME!!!  10/10 will do again

wizardxander wizardxander

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it was a nice experience. haha.


holly-ivy holly-ivy

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 did this in center parcs 

sjsanto sjsanto

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Dallas, TX!  


Followed up with another tour in San Antonion - June 2013

monsters.never.sleep monsters.never.sleep

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 5 February 2015

Megasteph Megasteph

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Really fun experience. Loved whizzing round on a segway.

Lifeonholiday Lifeonholiday

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Great fun. Have done it twice now, the second time was a tour around a country park, which was really good to cover some distance

Burgess8220 Burgess8220

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 My Dad lives nearby to Edgcumbe House where the Adventure Segway company resides, and managed to get some discount tickets for their segway experience.

We went along in the morning, the weather was ok but due to it having rained quite a lot recently the track was quite muddy. At reception the man had to check if I was over 16 or not (I was 23!) and then we headed out into the back with a helmet for a safety check. 

Then it was onto the segways! I was really quite scared at first for some reason. It looks hard to balance properly on them, especially when stepping on and off but I was perfectly fine once I got the hang of it. We zoomed around the yard for a bit then had to do an assault course style thing. It had ropes we had to navigate around, bumpy bits, tires to avoid, a tennis ball balanced on a traffic cone that we had to tap without knocking off, a 360 degree turn, and ducking underneath a rope! I was the only one of our group of 6 to not knock the tennis ball off :).

Then we went off into the wild! It was around the gardens of the house, through dirt tracks and pebbled walkways. We stopped off outside the house to have pictures taken and then off downhill to the oceanfront. It was here that I had a liiiitttttlllleee accident... I was zigzagging along the pathway when I got too close to the mud and skidded, so I stepped off with one leg forgetting that the segway will continue to move! I ended up twisting my leg around and damaging the ligaments around my knee. It hurt like hell but I was able to step back on and continue perfectly fine. Shortly afterwards, a boy in our group went right onto the mud and ended up on the grass covered in mud! He was unhurt and his family enjoyed the laugh, as did he.

Towards the end of the route, we had a hill that we had to go up and were instructed to do the 'Titanic pose', which is zooming up the hill with our arms outstretched to the side. I was quite nervous about not holding onto the handrails but in the end it was fantastic! They didn't take pictures of this, unfortunately but it was a blast.

The very last bit was again zooming along a part of the track and into the yard where they did take 'action' shots of us. Luckily my Dad also took some good pictures.

At the end I really didn't want to get off at all! An amazing experience that I'd love to repeat time and time again (just no injuries).


wildandwandering wildandwandering

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It is a lot harder than it look - and your feet get really sore. Everyone in South Korea has used a segway so I just HAD to try it while I was there. Very fun, nice for cruising while the sun is setting.  

BillBarton BillBarton

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Great fun. Had an hour riding the segway at Upton House, a country estate on the edge of my hometown. Nearly came off the once when i hit a tree root but otherwise okay!

jeremiahmeaghan.johnson jeremiahmeaghan.johnson

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One night when I was at Julies house.. Salah came over to show us his friends Segway. It was hard to balance! 

jenjen210 jenjen210

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Riding along the Danube on a segway

Floro Floro

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Here I go incognito. A nice day with colleagues having a lot of fun.

I still wonder why we had to dress like this???


Jules26 Jules26

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Had a great afternoon, driving round the grounds of a hotel and onto a woodland trail, playing silly games! Would love my own Segway, another thing to save for!!

dina.vu dina.vu

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This was a much better way of exploring the hilly San Francisco! August 2013.

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