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Pickles Pickles

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 I tried riding one when I was about 14, but I am keen to have another go at it

Edit 10/10/2016 I bought a unicycle today for $20.  I have watched a bunch of "how to "videos, now I will go out and practice

I picked up the bike and have now had my first ride. These are the photos. I didnt go very far, but as soon as i get the knack of it I will post a video

elfen elfen

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In my SFO (that's a kind of after-school youth program we have in Denmark) we had a circus once a year. Here I learned to ride a unicycle. And I liked it so much that my mother bought me one. And I biked it until I became too heavy for it.  

MadisonMaidment MadisonMaidment

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 Of all places I "learned" to ride a unicycle in my favourite Irish pub, The Roost, while living in Maynooth. I am still confused as to why there was a unicycle in the pub...needless to say you never know where you will end up checking off abucket list item! 

Nico19 Nico19

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This is about six billion times harder than you think it will be!!!


bluenwild bluenwild

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I LOVED this when I was a kid. I thought it was SO cool, my sister and I were really into it. haha :)

a.plat a.plat

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it was fun!!

erinlooney erinlooney

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I went to Circus jeuventus to pick someone up and tried it

suhani.aryal suhani.aryal

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funnnnnnnnn   it waas bensssss


barbarahiatt barbarahiatt

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I have been able to ride a unicycle since I was a kid. I would love to get one and start riding again for exercise (it is a great ab/core workout). I will post photos...should be hilarious

dunnmomma40 dunnmomma40

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With my roomates in college.


xemilybx xemilybx

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Thank god for circus skills club at high school!


jacqwest24 jacqwest24

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Grade 6 birthday present. It's all I wanted.


jackmantia jackmantia

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 There was a lot of falling down involved, but after a full Saturday afternoon I managed to ride my friends all over the place. I was very proud and it was actually pretty fun.

chersteinberg1 chersteinberg1

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 when I was 15

schusid schusid

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 Was actually pretty good at one point

cfroberg cfroberg

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When I was a child. Spent a summer doing this after my dad bought a few unicycles.

Lorraine_cadena Lorraine_cadena

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nikaV nikaV

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Its difficult but really fun😂

mastel07 mastel07

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I managed to ride a few meters, the novelty wears off when you get a scraped elbow =[

- but now I am officially cool.

thrillseaker thrillseaker

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It is the best feeling in the world knowing that you could give your unicycle to any person on the street and they wont be able to do it. Its nice knowing that people are watching you in awe as you ride past them, wishing they could do that.

Its really difficult and takes AGES to learn (6 months to get a couple of feet!) so yeah all the hard work pays off and seams worthwhile :).

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