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brittvilla brittvilla

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Mexico Canopy Tours. One of the most exhilirating and awe-inspiring experiences of my life. Miles above the land. It was beautiful. And the tour guides were so much fun. One guy rode with me to guide me and had me let go of the handles and hang upside down as we flew down the zipline. It was so freeing.

torrescarmen23 torrescarmen23

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This experience was super awesome!! To start off, I was sooo nervous and I didn't want to do it. In the end, I was really happy I did end up doing it because it was so much fun and I will never forget that experience.  

Roxanyeli Roxanyeli

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What an exciting and frighthening experience.


Naphu Naphu

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 Entralling experience !! 

SaraDem SaraDem

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WachUGonnaDoWhenTheyComeForU WachUGonnaDoWhenTheyComeForU

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vegadventuregirl vegadventuregirl

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It was sooo freaking scary...but then it's such a thrill, so much adrenalin, you just wanna do it over and over again in all the positions possible :D hahaha that sounded nasty :D

Curlyfry Curlyfry

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While in Mexico we decided to go cross something off our bucket lists and go zip lining. It was a blast!

jqs.jaqueline@gmail.com [email protected]

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A small city in SP - Brazil and the day was cold and raining. I need to repeat it in a big one.

Cutiepie1017 Cutiepie1017

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 We ziplined over a quartz mine

Isthla Isthla

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 This wasn't the first time I rode a zip line, but this one was part of an obstacle for an obstacle course race I ran. It was definitely a lot of fun, and a bit of mud 

Charmical Charmical

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I've been on a dead ride before but it was a short one. I'm ready for a long zip line ride! 

nelle.thomas.7 nelle.thomas.7

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I know that I marked this as completed in 2015, but that isn't right. I first rode a zip line when I was three years old and have loved it ever since. May of 2015 was actually the first time that I worked a zip line and convinced everyone from age six to age fifty that they would love the experience right before sending them down the line. Sun in your face, wind in your hair, I promise it's fun and perfectly safe! 

croab croab

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  We went to quindio and visited with my family the cafe park, a large and beautiful place with many activities to enjoy one of them was a bit of a tyrolese and we were very scared but we managed to lose our fear.


ephelan ephelan

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I experienced my first zipline in Roatán, Honduras. The thought of being pushed off made me uneasy, so I actually ran and jumped off of the platform. No regrets.

molenio.rowena molenio.rowena

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Highest Zip Line in the Town. It was cool and one of a kind experience. No wonder there are so many tourist visit the place.

planguage.language21 planguage.language21

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 A dream of mine has been to zip line!  I have wanted to do it for a few years. I thought about it when i was in Hawaii earlier this year but I ran out of time and funds(: I discovered it was available on Catalina Island and that you travel there FREE on your birthday!!! So I made my reservation for the boat....I hesitated on the Zip line booking, but I called two days before my trip and scheduled it.  I arrived at the location a bit nervous.  They geared us up and went through safety demonstrtions...then we were shuttled up 500 feet to ride the 5 lines back down!!!  I decided to be the first in my group of 5.  The hardest part was stepping off of the landing to begin your zip!!! Even though you are harnessed and there are two cables...I was still nervous.  Once I took off, I loved it!!! So fast and exhilirating.....I will be back to do this again at another location!!!!

scai.br scai.br

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 Zip Line in Chile, near a vulcon

horsiebabe horsiebabe

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Amazing day with my friend Kari

Mciesko Mciesko

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The summer of 2014, I went ziplining with my family in Tennessee's Smoky Mountains. I had ridden a zipline prior to then, but this was the longest that I had ever ziplined.


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