Ride an Elephant in Thailand

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Pickles Pickles

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This was truly a once in a lifetime experience as we got to feed, clean, ride and swim with the elephants. Such an amazing adventure.

You dont just hop on and ride the Elephants, this is all about learning the elephants, understanding what makes them unique and forming a bond. It was a great day that culminated in us swimming with the elephants in the river and washing them, before they turned around and sprayed us with water from their trunks. A very special experience


Julie_Kovalsky Julie_Kovalsky

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Ok, I am not proud of this goal.

I rode an elephant only because I wasn't aware how they are treated. After my trip with riding elephants I went to amazing Elephant Nature Park, close to Chiang Mai, and found out about brutal and painful training the elephants go through, before they are used in tourist industry.

In ENP you don't ride elephants but you can feed them and bath them.  So if you want to spend time with these beautiful creatures, don't ride them, don't attend shows with them, just go to one of the sanctuaries (e.g. ENP) and there meet those amazing animals.



carina.maria carina.maria

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 Amazing animals! 

blaxican23 blaxican23

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Ride an elephant in Thailand. 


msjennyrose msjennyrose

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 Visited a Elephant Rescue.  Learned about these magnificent creatures, fed them, bathed them and rode one with my best friend.  It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience!, 

blueboydiz blueboydiz

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We were staying in Eddie's House hostel in the heart of Chiang Mai, and looking through numerous leaflets in the hope of booking a once in a lifetime experience, an elephant ride. Cue hostel owner Eddie. He convinced us that although small, the tour company he ran provided the best elephant rides, chartered personally by him. Dubious (but enticed by the offer of an elephant each for the same price as a coupled ride) me and my friend accepted his offer and we didn't regret it. With the tour bus picking us up outside the hostel at 8am, we journeyed deep into the jungle to Eddies own plot of remote wilderness, and were introduced to the three elephants he owned. Bearing gifts of freshly bought bananas for them to eat, we quickly became acquainted. After a brief history of the elephants importance in Thai culture and reassuring stories of Eddie's in-depth knowledge, past mahout career, and elephant care initiatives he proudly displays, we set off on our jungle ride up the steep riverbank. Having already learnt basic mahout commands and having the expert mahouts by our side we spent a couple of hours riding around the jungle hillsides of this magnificent region before eventually returning to the river to bathe and play with the elephants. All the while Eddie was on hand to take numerous pictures with our own camera so we could enjoy the ride knowing he was capturing it all in time. It was an unforgettable experience, and one of my favorites to tick off the bucket list. 

Norwegianboy15 Norwegianboy15

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One of my favorite memories in Thailand! 

bunnyfoofoo405 bunnyfoofoo405

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Patara Elephant Farm is a wonderful organization - they really care for their elephants! Getting up close and being an elephant caretaker was an amazing experience. I didn't particular enjoy the elephant ride itself - I don't do well riding on top of animals. 

berkleyhopkins berkleyhopkins

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with my big (audrey)


AliceInWanderland AliceInWanderland

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When I was 9 years old I was fortunate enough to go to Phuket and ride some Elephants.


thomas.henderson thomas.henderson

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As part of the Thailand Water Project, we finished off with a few days to rest in Chiang Mai and on one of the days we went to an elephant sanctuary and had an elephant ride.  

eschaefer eschaefer

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Amazing day with KEP elephant tours (bareback elephant riding, bathing and playing with the elephants in the river, a fabulous lunch, bamboo rafting, and kayaking).


sandra_ursu@yahoo.com [email protected]

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 The day we took the elephant ride was the best day ever! Although I don`t want to encourage the exploitation of animals, we booked an elephant trek during our holiday in Thailand. It was so great and we had so much fun and didn`t felt bad at all because the elephant-trainers really loved their elephant and treat them right. They were really spoiled with baths and bananas. I felt immediately in love when I saw the first elephant because they were friendly and so adorable. The name of our elephant was Ola Thai and he was the most sweet creature I`ve ever seen. Our tour was though the river and the jungle and lasts about 40-45 minutes. Overall it was an amazing day for both of us and we like to still think about it now that we are back home.

CrazyAngi CrazyAngi

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During September 2013, me and David got to ride an elephant and see some wonderful waterfalls in Thailand  

jesscrayne jesscrayne

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When in Thailand, of course you have to ride an elephant. But before you go to the next best elephant camp, inform yourself about how their elephants are treated. Ask you travel agency, your hotel staff or maybe even other guests. If you're not in a hotel, just ask the locals. They know best. Sitting on the elephant, I started to panic a bit because it was so high and the elephant sometimes almost walked down very steep hills that most definitely weren't routes meant to be taken by big, heavy animals. After some time i got used to our all-time-eating elephant and began to enjoy the ride. I can just recommend it!

alysaurus alysaurus

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 I was around 6 or 5 when I rode the Elephant along with my parents in Chiang Mai. It was amazing! It felt fun to be up so high... on top of an elephant! To be honest, that was my dream to ride on any animal when I was younger. So I consider that one to be crossed out from my bucketlist.


Though may I suggest, be a bit careful with you slippers especially if you're going to be on the sides of the seats. My mom's slippers almost fell down!

anna.deschutter anna.deschutter

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April 5, 2011. I got picked out of the public to ride an elephant without a chair, just in his neck. Afterwards everyone could get on an elephant, but in carriers, not in the neck. Guess I was pretty lucky!

lauren.prynne lauren.prynne

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Most surreal experience of my life.  

ashleigh.j.warrington ashleigh.j.warrington

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did this last year when i went traveling in Thailand for a month with my friends.  i had the best time ever. i cant wait to go back again one day.. i did ride an elephant in Thailand it was one the best things i ever done in my life. 

laura.cody.33 laura.cody.33

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Amazing experience!



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