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chellobean chellobean

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 This was before we all knew that elephant rides were not good for elephants. All I knew at the time that it was a super cool thing. I believe this was at African Lion Safari, but I can't actually find a photo, so I'm not 100% sure! This photo was actually taken at the Toronto Zoo a decade or so later.

bdsnme2 bdsnme2

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Bali is beautiful. Although I don't think ill ever ride an elephant again. they should be in the wild not used to entertain us. lesson learned. 


Saunderstls Saunderstls

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Amazing some what scary ride through the jungle and river.


Hurks91 Hurks91

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maurina88 maurina88

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At Angkor Wat in Cambodia


HeatherHawks HeatherHawks

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 India 2018 - Rode an Elephant in India. Was not happy with the treatment of the animals. Next time I would rather bathe and help take care of them.


k.forsyth k.forsyth

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 In May 2012 I rode an elephant at Elephant Sanctuary in Hazyview, Mpumalanga, South Africa 

CharlotteRushton CharlotteRushton

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In the summer of 2015, when I traveled to India with 11 other girl-guides and four leaders, we went for an elephant ride up to the Amber Fort. It was a truly brilliant experience, and I can heartily recommend it to any other India-goers! 

clairematthews7 clairematthews7

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The elephant was so big and didn't have a saddle so it was a bit scary but well worth it. Beautiful creature.

chrisgoodlad chrisgoodlad

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Poopie Kitty Poopie Kitty

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 I got to ride an elephant at the Tadmor Shrine Circus.  I got to sit in front and pet its head.  It was very dry and hairy, and surprisingly tosses you back and forth a lot.  It was fun, but I'm glad we don't ride elephants for regular transportation.. my legs would kill me! lol

tinydancer196 tinydancer196

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I got to ride an elephant in Thailand.

DoItAll DoItAll

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JessiWolf1981 JessiWolf1981

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At the Bristol Renaissance Faire.


Zander87 Zander87

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Langkawi Malaysia

TheCrazyPenguin TheCrazyPenguin

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OH MY GOSH!! My mum and I rode an elephant called 'Bun-me' in Thailand, just outside Bangkok at the Elephant Village by the Floating Market! 

Getting onto her was scary at first, but once we started moving it was a lot better, and at one point she was flapping her ears they hit my foot!!! She was very calm though, and sure did love her bananas!

kathryntrecartin kathryntrecartin

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 When I was little and rode an elephant I didn't really understand that animals are not for this use. Now, looking back, I feel pretty bad that i did this. 

LianaFlanders LianaFlanders

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During my time working at the conservation I got one chance to ride an elephant. I rode him while we were giving them a bath and it was amazing. He got up and walked and I felt so high in the sky and it was an amazing feeling! 


cunninghamstephanie cunninghamstephanie

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Somewhat uncomfortable.  I didn't know that my face would be hit with tree branches and I felt like I was going to slide off of my elephant seat.  All in all, amazing expierence though.

Caraline_Nelson Caraline_Nelson

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Done at a circus!


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