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Zander87 Zander87

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Langkawi Malaysia

missAngie missAngie

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 Went to India for an internship...

Got the chance here to sit on an elephant ! Was amazing!

k.forsyth k.forsyth

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 In May 2012 I rode an elephant at Elephant Sanctuary in Hazyview, Mpumalanga, South Africa 

ellsbells290 ellsbells290

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Riding an elephant is probably one of the most uncomfortable, yet amazing experiences I have ever undertaken. The shear size of an Indian Elephant was astounding, but it was their gentleness that made me see how beautiful they were. When riding on the elephant's neck all you had to do was tap him on the head and his trunk would come rushing up over his head to take the bananas we were feeding him. 

Elephants probably are one of the most amazing creatures on earth.


kennarae21 kennarae21

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jessicaawilliss jessicaawilliss

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 On the 11/10/2017 we visited the Elephant Sanctuary in Phang Nga and I was given the chance to ride an elephant! It was an amazing experience!!

atif.saad atif.saad

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 Amazing experience but it definitely hurt to see how the elephants were treated. 

LianaFlanders LianaFlanders

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During my time working at the conservation I got one chance to ride an elephant. I rode him while we were giving them a bath and it was amazing. He got up and walked and I felt so high in the sky and it was an amazing feeling! 


lisa.janousek lisa.janousek

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Very cool but I felt bad for the poor sweet girl. She was amazing.

Hurks91 Hurks91

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Marisa Marisa

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I went elephant riding in Thailand on an elephant farm which only has elephants whom have been a victim of cruelty. First we feed the elephant and then we start learning to ride them on their bare neck. Although it was a bit scary on this height and this wobbly, it was an awesome experience, which I would recommend to everyone! 


crackymelissa.gasia crackymelissa.gasia

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take a bath with one too :D


barnbum202 barnbum202

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Tiffy15 Tiffy15

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 Chimelong Safari Park, 2nd round in China

lydiaalice lydiaalice

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 Thailand 2013

Bridles1 Bridles1

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Bali 2014 - Rode & swam an Asian Elephant.  Regretfully that his trainer carried a bull hook & the way they were kept made me sad, their website made the park seem a lot more humane. 


flamingrosedrakon flamingrosedrakon

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We had come returned to Natural Bridge since the bats were suppose to be back in the cave, which I wanted to see. Before getting to the caves we chose to stop by the zoo this time without Jacob who was with his mother so we could also get a baby tiger picture before he would be retired for photo lessons and added back into the zoo process.

 While we were coming around the back part of the zoo we saw they had their elephant (the living conditions for this elephant is particularly bad - she has one giant field, no friends (female elephants are social), one little shelter to protect from the sun and no water to play in thus leading people to try to save her) doing rides. There was no way we could afford the ride for two people as the tiger ticket had been expensive while we were saving up for the cave.

 Standing there watching and talking about the experience itself a man with his family turned around to us saying that we shouldn't miss the opportunity. The thing is I had been on an elephant ride a long time ago but I couldn't remember it so was happy to let it go but the man ended up paying so we both could go and then to get a picture of us riding the beautiful creature.

 And that was her name Beautiful - a 9-foot tall African female elephant, the 2nd biggest land animal (only the male is bigger than her). Climbing the stairs besides her just gave you a scope of how big the creature was and trying to stretch my small 5.2 self over her giant back (it hurt to get off since I was too stretched out while being a bit on the awkward side) would have been comical in many senses.

 Once seated her giant ears covered my legs like a blanket while I grabbed the bar before me to hold on. When she started off walking you could feel every indentation and hollow in the ground. Where the path dipped you dipped and where it climbed you also could feel her climbing while the feeling of her gait was like being on a ship since elephants move the same legs on both sides of their body before using the other legs.

 The view was glorious from such a high seat and there was a part where we had a bunch of guinea fowl in our path so that it was like almost re-living The Lion King at the beginning. Towards the end of the circle around the pen they stopped her for the given picture while making her stretch her ears and raise her trunk then had us smile. Looking at the picture I wonder what made me so confident and cool in this picture since my friend was so terrified (then again he didn't have anything to hold onto but me or the chains surrounding us) but then again it was just maybe the whole idea that here I was on top of the back of a creature who was so glorious.

 Loved the opportunity that it gave me but I wouldn't do it with this particular elephant again unless her living conditions were changed even though the proceeds are suppose to go to elephant enrichment.


Sara Ryan Sara Ryan

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While traveling through Cambodia I had the opportunity to ride an elephant around the tombs surrounding Angkor Wat.  

CalThompson CalThompson

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I rode an elephant in the jungles of Thailand. It was a great experience. There are places to do it at the zoo, but the elephants seem abused and you don't get to steer. We went into the jungle with locals and rode them by ourselves. It was a much better experience: Very "Temple of Doom".

holley4734 holley4734

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 My grandpa and I rode the elephant. I have no idea where this happened. My grandma's photo album says that we were on a road trip from Kansas to Wisconsin. 

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