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bdsnme2 bdsnme2

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Bali is beautiful. Although I don't think ill ever ride an elephant again. they should be in the wild not used to entertain us. lesson learned. 


barnbum202 barnbum202

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Ianroberts66 Ianroberts66

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In Zambia. Great fun!

chrisgoodlad chrisgoodlad

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kennarae21 kennarae21

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Laure96 Laure96

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In 2010 me and my family visited South Africa. It was an experience I will never forget. There was the option to ride an elephant!! Cmon, who doesn't want to do that in your live ! So after a conversation with my parents (it was ofcourse expensive...) I got myself on top of the elephant! It was even higher than I thought it would be. Now I was as high as some of the trees! Despite it cost some money, I'm glad I did it and it was worth it!


lydiaalice lydiaalice

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 Thailand 2013

Sara Ryan Sara Ryan

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While traveling through Cambodia I had the opportunity to ride an elephant around the tombs surrounding Angkor Wat.  

holley4734 holley4734

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 My grandpa and I rode the elephant. I have no idea where this happened. My grandma's photo album says that we were on a road trip from Kansas to Wisconsin. 

katemasten katemasten

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Thailand Missions Trip 2009


JessiWolf1981 JessiWolf1981

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At the Bristol Renaissance Faire.


ellsbells290 ellsbells290

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Riding an elephant is probably one of the most uncomfortable, yet amazing experiences I have ever undertaken. The shear size of an Indian Elephant was astounding, but it was their gentleness that made me see how beautiful they were. When riding on the elephant's neck all you had to do was tap him on the head and his trunk would come rushing up over his head to take the bananas we were feeding him. 

Elephants probably are one of the most amazing creatures on earth.



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Kinda what you'd expect. Glad I did it!

CalThompson CalThompson

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I rode an elephant in the jungles of Thailand. It was a great experience. There are places to do it at the zoo, but the elephants seem abused and you don't get to steer. We went into the jungle with locals and rode them by ourselves. It was a much better experience: Very "Temple of Doom".

karenmehansen karenmehansen

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I have ride an elephane sevel times, when I was in Thailand  

atif.saad atif.saad

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 Amazing experience but it definitely hurt to see how the elephants were treated. 

nashy1977 nashy1977

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I did this some time ago which was an experience but looking back I don't know how I feel about elephants being kept for tourists.  I have seen many cases of the mistreatment of them and certainly wouldn't do it again.  The picture was taken in Colchester Zoo and not the one from Thailand.


Greenferret Greenferret

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Did it in Pai, Thailand. Incredbile experience, fell in the water, fantastic!


cunninghamstephanie cunninghamstephanie

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Somewhat uncomfortable.  I didn't know that my face would be hit with tree branches and I felt like I was going to slide off of my elephant seat.  All in all, amazing expierence though.

missAngie missAngie

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 Went to India for an internship...

Got the chance here to sit on an elephant ! Was amazing!

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