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becctanner1 becctanner1

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I rode in the helicopter at the Old Frontier Days in Paris, AR. I had a blast and enjoyed talking with the pilot about where I was from and where I was going to school.  My Mom also rode, but was clinging to the frame for dear life. 10-1-11

sophiemccoy sophiemccoy

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July 2013. Brilliant fun! Wish I had the money to do this more.

professor227 professor227

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I have wanted to ride in a helicopter for years and while visiting St. Louis with a childhood friend, we saw the chance and hopped on board for a flight around the Arch! It was awesome!

latinaphilipina latinaphilipina

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Valentine's Day Sun Down Helicopter Ride on the Las Vegas Strip!

I suggest looking at a groupon fro any deals in your area!


GoJenny7 GoJenny7

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In Niagara Falls, ON

Me and my love decided to go all out and try the helicopter ride! It is expensive, and the pictures weren't cheap either - but worth every penny!!  It was very neat to see the Falls from that view and a very memorable experience for us both!

chantalleday chantalleday

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I was scared of a helicopters when I was younger meaning I missed out on a poinent moment. I conquered this fear in Vegas



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Took a helicopter from Hayman Island to Whitehaven Beach in the Whistsundays where Yvette and I had a picnic together. Beautiful day.


dinocarlosfrancisco dinocarlosfrancisco

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Went for a quick 10 minute helicopter ride which was fantastic


TrinityTraveler TrinityTraveler

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2005: Kauai, Hawaii


kayleighdj kayleighdj

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New York tour, in a helicopter. So cool to see the Big apple from the air

Martinezblue Martinezblue

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I had the opportunity to ride a helicopter into the Grand Canyon in Las Vegas in June 2016. 


sarah1777 sarah1777

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This was a spur of the moment activity while taking my dad to watch the planes on father's day. I only wish I could have gotten him to come along for the experience.

jojomac jojomac

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loved today although could of lasted longer 


jtayb jtayb

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An expensive spur-of-the-moment experience with my best friend that I won't ever forget and that I would do again in a heartbeat! So cool. 

MegWil1313 MegWil1313

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Got to ride in a helo during 2013 deployment 

chello94 chello94

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 When I was younger, my family took a trip to Florida, and one of the things we did was take a ride in a helicopter. This isn't my photo, as these were the days of film cameras and I don't think my parents thought of taking a photo as much as just enjoying the ride. It was super cool to young me that we all got to wear a headset with a microphone so we could speak to each other. My favourite part was when we were making a big turn and the helicopter was tilted to the side, so it appeared that the ground was directly out the left window. For little me, that was awesome!

jonibev jonibev

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Best way to see Hawaii!


Tinkerbell1308 Tinkerbell1308

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One of the best times to get in a helicopter, over the Grand Canyon of course, next to that would be an active volcano and over the reefs shark spotting. 

erika.davis.984 erika.davis.984

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Antonio surprised me to a helicopter ride in New York. 

okielady okielady

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 On the way home from Vegas, my sister and I took a quick helicopter ride over Lake Mead and Hoover Dam with Papillon Tours. It was over too quickly, but we had stunning views, and it was another check off the bucket list. 

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