Ride in a helicopter

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jstansbury jstansbury

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I had the opportunity to go on a tour of the Greater Cincinnati area in a helicopter with 3 other guys from my cross country team. We did a run at Lunken Airport on morning, in the bitter cold and then one of my teammates' grandfather took us up in a helicopter. We went over the Reds and Bengals Stadiums and circled around the Tiara Tower. Then we flew over Xavier University as well as the University of Cincinnati. To finish out the flight, we flew over our high school and hovered right above the track. It was super cool.

Baxteria23 Baxteria23

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Luckily my Uncle works in forestry and I got to go on a helicopter ride with him! It was so cool!

leahtardo leahtardo

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Heather8688 Heather8688

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Flew over Maui! It was so beautiful!

Lanz Lanz

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DONE 2011 as part of my best friends birthday holiday

Madzbell Madzbell

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Such a perfect day in New York. We could see for miles. The day before there had a been a tropical storm, and we almost didn't get to fly. Amazing views of new York.

HiddenFeathersFallingFlowers HiddenFeathersFallingFlowers

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It was the summer of 2010

Calumet382 Calumet382

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I did this a few years ago with my dad in Florida. He got the front seat and I ended up sitting in between two strangers. Still fun though!

Enjoyinglife Enjoyinglife

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I had a chance to take a helicopter ride with my fiance, who infact has never flown in a plane (hehe). That was pretty fun but I wish we could have been up there a little longer.

Brooky30 Brooky30

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They're too cool for school and seem like loads of fun! 

Tasmeena Tasmeena

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A helicopter ride was a Christmas present from my uncle to my cousin and I. We're all now estranged over some family drama but that helicopter ride over the city is one of my most cherished memories.

KatieMc KatieMc

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2008 - Las Vegas/Grand Canyon with Mom

pbarre2 pbarre2

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Did this in Kauai

thenewadrenalinejunkie thenewadrenalinejunkie

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Completed on the Great Ocean Road Tour while in Australia - March 2014 

bellizzima1 bellizzima1

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Took a helicopter ride from USS SAMPSON to USS FREEDOM in December, 2012. It lasted maybe 15 minutes and was incredible. 

Emhay Emhay

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done in Las Vegas!

jlane jlane

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I worked for forestry and had 4 summers to fly around the Rocky mountains. So worth it

cahelmer cahelmer

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Aerial Video Shoot - 2011

Henrietta Henrietta

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it was pretty cool, and loud.

rmnga308 rmnga308

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Rode in a helicopter for an amazing tour of Manhattan, New York City. We aklso toured the Grand Canyon via helicopter.

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