Ride in a hot-air balloon

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AlessandraCalypso AlessandraCalypso

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I did this as a surprise for my husband. He LOVED it. 

I've never been more terrified in my life. Video coming soon. 


NJ is the biggest Hot Air Balloon send off and landings in the country.

I would definitely LOVE to try this with my fiancee <3 

fkaren fkaren

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 Isaiah bday

natasha.coe natasha.coe

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 Such an amazing experience would really recommend it to everyone!!!

swarren64@gmail.com swarren64@gmail.com

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 To get up early, to see the sunrise and to float up and down without an engine noise

lisa515 lisa515

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This sounds better than it is.  At least that was the case for me.  Clay surprised me with this on an anniversary before we had kids and he stilled paid attention to me as his wife at all.  We went out to the Temecula area.  We went early and I was tired.  All I remember was that it was so loud that we could talk or hear each other.  It takes a lot to keep the fire going and the balloon in motion and in control.  As a result, it is not the serene, romantic thing that I think most people expect. 

briannacampbell122 briannacampbell122

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Owl-O-Ween Hot air balloon festival 2016 and a small town festival

bootsboots bootsboots

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Something I will get to do next year as I've booked it as a secret 30th birthday present for my boyfriend!


For someone that dislikes heights I loved this! It's so peaceful to watch everything floating in the air!

Word of warning, it can take years to get your flight due to specific weather conditions - he got his present 2 years to the day instead of his 30th!


Munozmic Munozmic

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I know it doesn't move like normal hot air balloons but god was I scared!! I am happy I acomplished it but never again.P.s. Super afraid of heights.

JadeLouise JadeLouise

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A birthday present from my boyfriend. This was my biggest dream!

workoutwithdi workoutwithdi

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 Did one better and got married in it!

Tasteoftravel Tasteoftravel

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When we were dating, my husband planned this surprise for me. I had no idea what could possibly involve me waking up so early, but seeing the sunrise from the sky was totally worth it! 


peteaor peteaor

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 Serene, tranquil and amazing (and i dont like heights normally)

ebbatibell ebbatibell

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As a graduation gift my mum surprised me with a ride in a hot air balloon. It was very peaceful and super cool!

nashy1977 nashy1977

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Nice peaceful way of seeing the country side (and crop circles) on a summers evening. 


brandit93 brandit93

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We took a ride up in a tethered hot air balloon. the wait was very long and a small child (not ours) joined us but the panoramic views of the mountains were amazing! Would like to experience it without the tether for the full effect!

Shadicats Shadicats

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I want to see how I take my mild fear of heights with hot air!

CanyonWild CanyonWild

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*picture not mine 

darren.judson.1 darren.judson.1

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Took a hot air balloon ride for Luci's birthday over York, England on 01.08.14

Kadie53 Kadie53

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It was absolutely amazing, so peaceful up in the air and all you could hear were screams of children and barks of dogs. I am so going to do it again! :)


anuvik anuvik

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 that was one kicked of the bucket

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