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mangomarsh mangomarsh

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Ashlyn's Birthday



TianaM TianaM

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I rode in one to prom. i would've enjoyed it more if my date didn't stand me up!

tonyanelms tonyanelms

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One of Flossies friends, Barbara, was having a bachelorette party and got a limo! 05/21/2010

confusering confusering

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For prom, my friends and I pooled together to have a limo drive us to the event. It was really cool but I wouldn't do it again (pretty pricey).  

Youbetcha Youbetcha

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I wish I could ride in a limo every day of my life

PuddingStaahs PuddingStaahs

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I have been in a limo for junior prom, senior prom, and my friends 21st birthday. This is us partying in the limo for my friend's 21st!

GoJenny7 GoJenny7

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I guess I've ridden in a limo a number of times now.... The photo is from my friend Michelles birthday party to Toronto, I rode with the wedding party to that same friends wedding, I was at the club with a friend Mindy who worked at the clubs and we took a limo to her friends place downtown after the club, hmmmm... there must have been more times but I cannot seem to think of them at the moment!

Riding in style!

GabriellaC GabriellaC

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My family hired a limo to take us to the airport. It was really fun! I want to do it again some day with friends.

holly.spencer.737 holly.spencer.737

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My Auntie hired a limo for me, my sister and brother and my boyfriend to arrive in style to her wedding! 


rachelmue rachelmue

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 August 2012

RoseStar16 RoseStar16

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Senior prom 2k15!! 

madisonkinnard madisonkinnard

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Cheers to the bride and groom! I rode in the wedding party limo after my brother's wedding ceremony!


nadiab_18 nadiab_18

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For my friend's 30th birthday, we organised a "Surprise Party" and told her that a mysterious driver would pick her up at 6:30PM sharp!!! Her reaction was priceless when she saw the parked limo in her driveway!!! 

BrittNayh BrittNayh

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 Rode in a Limo for Aunt Eileens wedding


darkmisstress darkmisstress

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Not a personal picture of this one, as it was at my grandmother's funeral/internment.  The limo in the photo is one owned by the funeral home that took care of her arrangements.

alouises alouises

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I got the chance to ride in a limo with all my best friends to our Yr 12 formal! Not only did I finally get to fulfill my private all-girls' school #goals, but it was awesome making unforgettable memories with my friends as we had a mini-rave inside the limo (thanks to a fire AUX cord and the lights system installed in the interior). 

Idontknow Idontknow

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Always wanted to ride in a limo, and I finally got to for prom :D

thrillseaker thrillseaker

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It was to the year 11 prom! loved it!

Felt like a celeb!

JacquelineD JacquelineD

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Great experience! swiss sauce concert

amylee92 amylee92

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Lauren and Jonee's Wedding! 

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