Ride the London Eye

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chellobean chellobean

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Another item that was different than what I expected. This was fun because I was spending time with my dad who was coming to visit. However, I was kind of generally underwhelmed by London, and the view wasn't _spectacular_.


Jenessa17 Jenessa17

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 Normally, I'm afraid of heigh, but this ride was awesome! We had to stand in a line for almost half an hour, we almost said it didn't worth it, but fortunately after we got our tickets, we quickly reached the cabins. It was slow, and the timing was perfect, because it was at sunset and the city was just beautiful.

elfen elfen

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I went with the summer school I'm working at. It the view was good, but I'm happy that  I didn't pay for it myself though...  

kenz69577 kenz69577

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was awesome!

baederp baederp

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Summer of 2013.

tiffanycalas tiffanycalas

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I went on June 2014


TamMiddlemiss TamMiddlemiss

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  July, Bron aced her  SATs and we went to London to celebrate.

JennieBennie JennieBennie

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 I have been living in London for 3 months and still haven't done this.. it's about time. 




It was a fun experience though would have been nicer by night. Definitely would recommend doing it once.

lilypayne28 lilypayne28

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 Ben's birthday, 2013

kendallhavens kendallhavens

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Kim_psiala Kim_psiala

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The London eye offers breathtaking views of London. It serves as an excellent tour of the picturesque city. It is a fun experienc, I absolutely loved it. 

brianna.d.mueller brianna.d.mueller

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I rode the London Eye during a college Spring Break trip with my mom. We were only there a few days, but we made the very most of those few days and traveling together was an incredible bonding experience. The Eye in particular had some amazing views, just wish Mom had gone up with me, but didn't because of her fear of heights.


Alisiaboo Alisiaboo

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I've been there with my class :) The weather was sunny, that means, we had a fantastic view! The London Eye is pretty popular therefore we had to wait for such a long time

SophieBurgess SophieBurgess

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19th October 2014. With Jared.


hulda hulda

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Went on a ride with The London Eye together with my two best friends.


adriana.cirianni adriana.cirianni

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 eye sype with my little eye....

nadkins06 nadkins06

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When I studied abroad last summer I rode the Eye while we were in London

TravelingBall TravelingBall

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June of 2014 with my husband

It was a hot day, but when we stood in line it seemed the sky added some clouds to make the ride wonderful


LianaFlanders LianaFlanders

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I got to ride the London Eye when I went to London with Lincoln High School in 2014. During our ride, a guy proposed to his girl a few pods ahead of us. It was later even reported in the news! 


Nico19 Nico19

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I didn't find this quite as exciting as most of the other things we did in London, like riding the Big Red Bus and visiting galleries. (or Harry Potter World!!)


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