Road trip across America

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danniparrish danniparrish

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Five times! Once on a greyhound (verrrrrry interesting) from NC to CA when I was about 20, then a return trip to NC by car, driving my aunt. Vacation in July 2012 with my wife and kids - awesome! We took the southern route (Interstate 40) from NC to CA, then the Northern route (with a lot of twists and turns) back to NC - through the Sierra mountains, Colorado Springs... then the last time from NC to CA again when we decided to make CA our new home! :)


Mondglanz Mondglanz

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3 großartige Roadtrips mit vielen Meilen durch die USA erlebt! 1998, 2006 und 2007


kerryn.airs kerryn.airs

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6 week road trip across America and back.

Started  in LA

heyelihey heyelihey

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Summer Road Trip with Lisa and Josie... #3Nurses2Weeks1Prius unforgettable trip


isadub6 isadub6

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Made already 2 and a third one will come :)

tarzan tarzan

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Road trip from San Bernardino, California to Pennsylvania with husband and children in 1989


talyn77 talyn77

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 I have actually driven across America more than once. Each time is a great experience. I have driven from California to North Carolina via I-80 and then cut southward through Missouri. Then, from North Carolina to California via I-40. Then Idaho to Florida and back to Idaho. Truth be told, I have driven through 47 of the 50 states. Only missing Alaska, Michigan, and Wisconsin. 

GinaNichole84 GinaNichole84

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Between 8/27/04 and 9/11/04, I traveled through Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and California.

Between 6/9/12 and 6/26/12, I traveled through Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio.

Between 10/17/12 and 10/20/12, I traveled through Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada.

nomad1010 nomad1010

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