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Pickles Pickles

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One of my all time favourite experiences. A group of 20 of us set out in a fleet of vehicles of all shapes and sizes. We camped under the stars, got kicked out of places by rangers as we were in restricted zones, we drank, smoked, surfed and partied. I managed to fall off a cliff one dark night, fortunately no real damaged done, i also got bitten by a snake (non poisonous). We managed to get our Combie Van bogged to the axles and spent hours getting the vehicle free, all whilst in the pouring rain. The attached photo is the successful extraction team.  The trip culminated in a 24 hour New Years Eve rock concert. It was epic....those who attended still talk about it!


watashiannadesu watashiannadesu

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 We were supposed to go early morning so the we can witness the sunrise on Mt. Sto. Tomas in Benguet. But since we're friends and all, of course we woke up late! So anyway, we weren't able to see the sunrise but it was an awesome trip nonetheless. We had our breakfast on the view deck of the mountain. We took jump shots and drove around. Then we went to the mall to eat then we went home to one of my friend's house. After taking a bath (because we weren't able to take a bath in the morning since we were in a rush), we went to the Botanical Garden in Baguio City and took pictures. A lot of pictures. It was the most fun and unforgettable experience I had with my friends. We call ourselves Xwind by the way.

Chloe88 Chloe88

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 It's always a camping roadtrip to somewhere in Wales with my friends (usually annually!). Don't need to go far or spend loads of money, just a tent, the beach, some wine and my best friends :)

fermat.little.theorem fermat.little.theorem

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(2014/4/19~2014/4/20 With MuMing Tsao, 李世強, Hsiao Nai-fan and Nero Tang have a road trip to Ilan.)


ElinLouise ElinLouise

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A friend of mine was moving to a new university and he needed help moving things there and since my best friend and I have a car we said we could help him. but since were traveling quite a distance we decided to have some fun with it and made a road trip out of it. So we stocked up on food, made an epic playlist found some great roads and had sing alongs and a simply an awesome time.

kwoehler kwoehler

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Große USA-Tour mit Steffen 11.05.18-26.05.18

KaylaJohnson KaylaJohnson

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This trip was an experience I've longed to have for a long time. I have never traveled with just friends as a vacation. 6 of us drove to Washington to pick up another friend to bring back to the Midwest for a wedding. It became a college graduation gift to our friendship!

suli.sari suli.sari

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I've done it twice. The first time was in Greece in a small car, we slept in hostel and second time it was in Australia. We hired a campervan and traveled for two weeks. I think the road trips kinda looked better in the movies.

chaag1 chaag1

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On the last weekend of Spring Break we decided to go on a drive and see where we go. We ended up going to New Orleans, Gulfport Beach, and other places in Mississippi & Louisiana. 


leandro.pinero.7 leandro.pinero.7

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 With ten friends travel in two cars to Cordoba!

Elias.Aldama Elias.Aldama

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Viaje a Pto. Vallarta para asisitir a la CONALEO.


Raluca Raluca

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katiezipps katiezipps

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 After Freshman year we drove from Houston to New Orleans to DC to the Berkshires

loverain loverain

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Poland - Germany - Netherlands - Belgium - France - UK


cassandra.m cassandra.m

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My friend Amanda and I went to the beach over the summer and it was the best road trip ever.  We got tons of snacks to prepare for the multiple hour car ride and made sure we had the best music to play and sing along with in the car.  Our biggest challenge by far was making sure we actually went to the right place and not get lost in some random state.   We had sooo much fun with an ocean front room right on the boardwalk so we got to see all the nightlife. One of the days we decided just to drive around and see what was around the area. Well we ended up getting lost anyway and had to use our gps to find our way back to the hotel.  It was one of my favorite trips I've ever taken just because of the time I got to spend with my friend and all the cool things I got to see!

thanhphuctran thanhphuctran

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Just a little road trip to Prague with the sadness club. They were marvelous. Thanks again!


eden.theron eden.theron

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Road Trip to Cape Town


Drop_Dead_Casanova Drop_Dead_Casanova

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5 days, 11 cities = awesome!

Ketty Ketty

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5 days Road Trip in Norway - September 2014!

10 days Road Trip in Switzerland/Italy - October 2014!


Lexy Wrightson Lexy Wrightson

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wellllll.... what a trip and what an idea. it was suggested to my boyfriend and i to journey with my brother and his girlfriend in a mini from Brentwood, essex (UK) to calais, paris, zurich, alps then rome. it would be "cheap as chips" and it really needed to be as i am always skint lol. we were going to camp randomly where and when we wanted, however... there are a lot of people with the same idea as that, campers, travelers and true roman gypsies oh and cats! yes about 6 of them ( 1 in a pram) and would not let us down this great road we found leading to a hopeful empty spot.

so we struggled for places to sleep and thought ok we will just pay fee and go to camp sites, brilliant but that got pricey after a while and the showers are something else :/ we could only spend one day in paris as the others were keen to get on to zurich, but paris was wonderful, so much to do and see, some for free :) bonus!! padlocks of love bridge, we touched the Eiffel tower, went to the best art gallery 59 rivoli, had alcoholic milkshakes in happy days diner, visited the musee de louvree and the huge gardens and got stuck in a toilet that cleaned my boyfriend hahha.

then came zurich, thee most expensive place in the world. two waters was 10francs (£5) eeeek. very hot and full of gorgeous people but not really my thing. id rather go to a museum than sunbathe and love my body hahaha.

we quickly ran out of money and my boyfriend and i decided we would go home in the morning from zurich and let the others carry we had a few drinks, too many. my boyfriend and i argued and i was a blubbering loud arsehole and we had to leave. with no working phones, one charger between four and bad network for data roaming and no money one card was blocked and the other was empty.

luckily for us and being ok with having to sleep in an airport ( not comfy) and the very very kind people that worked there we managed to get flights, money from my mum and ended up in barcelona to get to glasgow (home0

soooooo, note to self: never do a camping roadtrip in a mini with four people as it actually hurts. always tell the bank you are traveling, take plenty of chargers and money and dont go with family and a partner as that leads to so much bickering :(

i would really love to return to paris though and discover more there.


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