Rope swing into water

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GuttersnipeRebecca GuttersnipeRebecca

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 Had some unexpected fun with my kids when we came upon this

Pickles Pickles

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What looks like fun sometimes isnt such a good idea. Here is a tip DO NOT do this when you have drunk way too much alcohol. I managed to perforate an ear drum!


limorissey limorissey

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F amazing experience!! I was with kids there, but I'd love to repeat it with some friends - next goal <3


Matthew11 Matthew11

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On the Pacific Pearl during a cruise in New Zealend.

Florijne Florijne

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 We (Emese and I) were doing a jungle track of 5 days in Indonesia. One of our amazing tourguides noticed a nice liane that was strong enough to carry people and rope swing into the water :) In my bikini top and underwear we joined him and it was really fun. I felt so young and free at that moment! 

Smejia Smejia

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 First experience!

Jesper_Clausen Jesper_Clausen

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Mallorca 23.09.2016 - Es Pontas 

Alexandria721 Alexandria721

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Rope swung into a fresh water cenote in Mexico!!


Milou Milou

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 I'm Tarzaaaaan! 

ckay_productions ckay_productions

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I have seen some bad experience with rope swing so when i do it, i make sure not to do what they did lol. But its fun. Almost 40ft in the air. Good times. BE CAREFUL (if you decide to go). The island across is higher but you have to jump farther

@iman @iman

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Was an awesome day in Jamaica


elusby elusby

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 I've done this a lot, its always fun

Hunty Hunty

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 soo much fun guys

Shari110 Shari110

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It was hard to keep hold on the rope but once I got the hang of it, one of the best experiences ever

hannah.piper.39 hannah.piper.39

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 Did this into a lake in Ingram Valley, England. It was so cold!

jessi.carroll jessi.carroll

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I was terrified, but it was so much fun! (I was really young, I would no longer be terrified :P )


rinachan rinachan

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 Whenever we go camping at this specific place there is a rope swing thing across the lake we use to swing into the water. Super fun. 

amyrizz amyrizz

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bamabucketlist bamabucketlist

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cazcollis cazcollis

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As a child growing up in Warrandyte in Victoria we lived right on the Yarra River and this was our weekend passtime in the summer great memories. of riding my bike along the river banks, swimming and jumping of rope swings.

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