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Tiana92 Tiana92

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This is something I decided I'm going to make a tradition. I ran this 5K on Thanksgiving morning and didn't bother caring about calories at dinner!

AndreaLBarnes87 AndreaLBarnes87

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I did it! I only started training at the beginining of August. My goal was to be ready by September 29th for the Zombie run...  A friend of mine told me about another 5K that sounded pretty cool on Septmeber 14th, Lunar 5k, and you run at dusk... a little early than when I expected to run... why not? So I signed up a few days before the event..however I still had not completed running more than 2.5 miles.... if I ended up walking the last half no big deal.... pppffft. I ran the entire 5k! and did it in under 30 minutes, which was my goal.

Maj454 Maj454

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i ran beach to bay


natta natta

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Well I've completed this multiple times already, 5 times to be exact! This one was Rotary :)

RebeccaU RebeccaU

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I ran 5,67 km on May 9th 2016 :-)  After finishing the basic course, I want to be able to finish the second one: Run 5k (for advanced runners)



laura.cody.33 laura.cody.33

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I hate running, but did it for a good cause - Race For Life. Sang pretty much the whole way round with Leanne Brannigan.

Felt amazing once completed!

dustinm dustinm

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It took me 34 days from the day that I started to jog a 5K. My time was 35m25 seconds.

Edit: Although my first 5K was in September 19, 2015 I've updated the picture since I finally ran a Virtual Race with documentation.

gigi.flores.73 gigi.flores.73

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 We ran a 5K for the Wipe Out Event that came to Baltimore.  We completed obstacles and had a great time!!!!!!

tiffanykhyla tiffanykhyla

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When Run or Dye came to Shreveport, I jumped at the chance to make this my first 5k experience. While my friend, Claire, and I walked most of the way, it was still fun to challenge ourselves and enjoying getting colored dye thrown all over us. The Chick-Fil-A afterwards was also pretty delicious.


belrand belrand

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Old Soldiers Day Race

Alpharetta, GA

August 1, 2015

 Ran with Fleet Feet Group

lynne_docherty1983 lynne_docherty1983

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So proud!

frejirk frejirk

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18.04.2015 - I finally bought the ticket!

1.06.2015 - Collected the race-pack at Senayan City.

7.06.2015 - Did it on the sixth of June and it was sick!

* * * * *

Electro Run was amazing, and Chainsmokers were sick! Rory Kramer was also there! Chainsmokers and Rory Kramer liked my pictures on Instagram! 

StandardDeviate StandardDeviate

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Ran and volunteered by myself for both the Color Me Rad and the Color Run to prepare for going to Europe by myself . Walked some of the way but I was inhaling a fair amount of paint.

Me with volunteers on left at the starting line

thomm thomm

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Miles for Mike 2016

29:39.64  #89/176


Sissy83 Sissy83

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I got hooked!


SmexiJalapeno SmexiJalapeno

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To be honest I have no idea what I'm up against because this will be my first "marathon" I have sign up so I'm super pumped up about this! Lets go baby!

​My time was 30:31!!

​I did another one! My time was 29:52! It was so freaking cold that day...



ezzy ezzy

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Never run before, enrolled on the Couch to 5k programme in Chorley in January 2015 as a new years resolution.

Completed the programme on 14/3/15 with a celebratory group run with over 100 people! I was very pleased to run 5k in 34.19 minutes.


TrinityTraveler TrinityTraveler

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Color run / glow run.  Wasn't very fast at it, but I finished!


fabin64 fabin64

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Dicertidísimo... mi primera carrera en #colorfoam

rgoodman91 rgoodman91

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Stand Up, Don't Stand By 5k against sexual assault and interpersonal violence

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