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Dancooke92 Dancooke92

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Why just knock something off the bucketlist when it can also impact others for a great cause? In this spirit, I will be running in the Novi Half Marathon to benefit Living Hope International Orphange in Ndola, Zambia! I'm trying to raise $8,000 for the organization.

I trained for the half-marathon for over 10 weeks, but the last two weeks were injury prone due to severe shin splints and calf cramps. Praise God, by the last week all of the issues faded away and I was able to run the race in 1:44, finishing 3rd in my age group!! My legs are dead now, but I loved the race and felt awesome finishing strong!

Fundraising website:

Race website:


AdidasTO AdidasTO

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 I ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February of 2011.

marcobaeza_z marcobaeza_z

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21K completados!! que alegría ver que sí se puede.



roelof.reitsma.5 roelof.reitsma.5

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The weather was fantastic (17 degrees) and there was a huge crowd along the way. After 15km I could pass the pace walker for 1:35 and finished @ 1:34:14. An awesome experience!

lexiemustang lexiemustang

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Completed the Big D Texas Marathon April 6! Ran it in the rain. Time 3:02, pace 13:54, best mile 10:00.  

kribrat kribrat

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My goal was to finish it before streets were opened! aaand I did it! :D haha


jps jps

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eden.theron eden.theron

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 Two Oceans Half Marathon

lisa515 lisa515

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 I had already run a marathon, but had never actually done a half,  And I had definitely never done a run like that with Taylor!  We were not trained (never a good idea) other than the short distances I run and the long distances I walk.  We ran the Fun in the Sun half marathon in Long Beach.  It was right by the beach, and a loop.  That meant that we could alter our distance to a 10K or a 5K if we wanted.  In the first mile, Taylor was almost in tears because of her shins.  I gave her the option to drop distance.  she didn't take it.  I paced a bit ahead of her, but we were both really slow.  Which is fine.  I never have a problem with being slow, as long as I ultimately finish.  It was a very small race and those completing the half were mostly very athletic, so we were at the very back.  Again, it didn't matter.  Because we finished...and have our medals to mark the occasion!

sammay37 sammay37

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 Ran my first half marathon along the cliff walk!

TrptSolo TrptSolo

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Glad I did a half but now its on to a full marathon!


TarenMaim TarenMaim

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Missed the start gun, got lost twice but I didn't stop and I finished it :D 

Sonia_AC Sonia_AC

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It was on the beach. Great experience, but very hard for me. It's done, challenge completed but never to repeat.


laurarward laurarward

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My company started up a running team in the summer of 2017, with the goal to help people to get out and start running either for the first time, or train again after an injury. Our goal as a team was to run in the San Jose Rock and Roll Half Marathon or 10k event. I chose the half-marathon as my goal, because I wasn't sure if I could manage it, and it would be a stretch. As a company team, we trained three times per week, increasing our mileage and speed every week. As the date got closer, my husband also joined me in this goal! On Sunday, October 8, we rode our tandem bicycle downtown and joined the team early in the morning to prepare for the race. The weather was beautiful, lots of music, plenty of cheering kids, and beautiful neighborhoods to run through. We got off the starting line around 8:30, and made it to the finish line in 2 hours and 40 minutes, a slow and easy pace that made the entire experience enjoyable. What a great accomplishment!

Karuna Karuna

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I had justified my physical laziness with my academic success, but after gaining 10kg at uni, I realised that I had to start exercising. I decided to run a half marathon. This was major and/or stupid, because I had never run more than 10min in my entire life up to that point! The training was awful, but I persevered. Five months later, I completed the Knysna Forest Half-Marathon in 2h40. This redefined me - I am athletic, I am strong and I am capable of so much more than I think I am. The real success came a few months later - the memory still stands out: me at the centre of a group of classmates - standing tall and strong, bubbling over with laughter and FEELING FREE AND WORTHY. 

hana.kane hana.kane

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Completed on the Outward Bound course in Anakiwa!!! I had my team Rutherford 596 run with me and cheer me over the finish line! I took 2hr 40mins which was a great time for me!

I've run a half-marathon I feel I can overcome any challenge!


ajrmdavey ajrmdavey

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We both completed Windsor Half Marathon in September 2013


aditya.aryaa aditya.aryaa

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Challenge yourself and run a half marathon

jemma.peach jemma.peach

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In a time of 2 hours 57 (depsite being really ill the two weeks before) and raising £290 for the Stroke Association :) 

Jrwhite Jrwhite

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Nashville, April 2012

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