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SheSawTheWorld SheSawTheWorld

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Hawaii Marathon, 

lyndafree lyndafree

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Lost Dutchman Marathon


bethany2 bethany2

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Ran the NYC marathon in 2008 and 2011 ... the 2008 experience was amazing and awesome and I loved it.  2011 was one minute faster, and many times worse.  Just a miserable race.  But I don't regret either one, and am so very very glad I pushed through and did it!


Ravi Ravi

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Finished TCS 10k Marathon in 63 min.

First of many marathons to come for sure. Trained hard for couple of months.

fleenor.david fleenor.david

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Wow! Running and finishing the ING NYC Marathon was amazing! While the physical experience was greuling, the emotional experience was nothing short of inspirational.  

Songdragoon104 Songdragoon104

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The ONS run for fun 2014 - A 4 km run, that usually is sponsored by big companies to donate to charities such as breast cancer awareness causes and other big charities.  

This was sponsored by biggest exhibitors like Statoil, Exxon etc. Everybody could first exercise with music, run around the lake and then all the way to downtown, and then get to listen to a concert. It is also an event that normally is centered around exhibitions and conferences however the run for fun marathon is an annual run that anyone and their families are invited to participate.


moomooman001 moomooman001

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 hardest thing ive ever had to do.!! was in so much pain but wouldnt give up. took me over 5 hours. I was so pleased to see that finish line and have all my supporters cheering me on. Was all worth it in the end. my most proudest moments are those that i have struggled most with, including this marathon.

bluenwild bluenwild

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I ran a pretty regular marathon in Würzburg, the city where I live. It was my second overall and within this year and I am sure now, that I like marathons in big cities with a lot of participants much better.


kaschmid kaschmid

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Running a marathon is something I am pretty unsure I can actually do and something that will take months of training and dedication to accomplish. I consider this a "challenge myself" type of bucket list item. 


Ran the SLO marathon on 4/27/2014 with Julie. Most difficult athletic challenge to date.

CarolineNave CarolineNave

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 The felling the day after is hard but it´s worth it, then you here the crowd cheering on you

SSJSparky SSJSparky

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Ran the Manchester Marathon in April 2014. Completed it successfully!


Emily_974 Emily_974

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 I ran FUN RUN (10km) with my friends. We promised that we will run the Penang Bridge Marathon every year but something happened and we had stopped after 2013. It was a nice experience.

lee.hartill lee.hartill

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Sunday 13th April 2014

First marathon after 6 Months solid training, completed in 3 Hours 53 Minutes.

Planning on completing again in 2016, but in or around 3 Hours.


emyz10 emyz10

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Ok it was not exactly a marathon but a 15 km race and I am very proud I did it ! The atmosphere, the weather, the pleasure, everything made this day special :)

Nike Women's Run Paris 2015 : dimanche 7 juin Les Docks Quai d'Austerlitz - Cité de la Mode et du Design


sara.kindu.3 sara.kindu.3

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First little marathon aka ladies run. But very proud!

gantesmar gantesmar

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Color run 2017 - Panama City, Panama. 


lilmissmallory lilmissmallory

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Thought I was going to die. But I didn't. The last 0.2 miles really matters. 

russelvpineda russelvpineda

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It was the hardest at the same time most rewarding thing i had ever did! Will definitely do it again and again! Now I feel I can do all the things in my bucket list!


goalkeeper goalkeeper

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 it was hard,but i m happy

bhatia.drishti bhatia.drishti

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Ran the 21K marathon. Whooping 13miles! God heaven knows how I did it!


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