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stu12081981 stu12081981

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A Windsurfer swept through the solent on a spring tide with a very choppy sea. lucky to be spotted.

Hatch Hatch

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In Venezuela my best friend Joel and a group of his family went to Los Roques . A few of us decided to go explore in the archipelagos and we swam from an island to another island. 

An old man and his 10 year old decided this looked cool and to do it too like us.  A half an hour after we got to the other side. 

We heard "AYUDA" "AYUDA"  

Joel and myself went into straight bay watch mode throwing what was in our hands and tossing our sunglasses, running through the water, eventually forced to swim. Joel grab the kid and I grabbed the grandpa and we swam them ashore.

Everyone was fine just shaken up!

We immediately assumed we were the best people in the world and we really just couldn't wait to impress the girls we were with. 

It was unlike any other trip I have been on and I can't wait to go back!


Xalma Xalma

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Once, there was a little girl swimming in the sea, I was too... she started loosing control and she was going to drown, I swam to her and pulled her to the beach. It was nice knowing that I have saved a girl from drowning even if I was few years older only.

blackeyedsuzie blackeyedsuzie

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This past June my neighbours abandoned eight adult cats, some of which were pregnant -- none of which were fixed. A few days after he moved, the painter called out to me that there were dead cats in the yard. I quickly came to see if any were still alive. There were five kittens. Two were definitely dead, but three were holding on -- barely. I brought them all home to see if I could make them more comfortable while they passed. One in particular was in rough shape: he was cold, not moving, bleeding from the mouth and being eaten by ants when I found him. I didn't think he would last the day. I stayed up around the clock, feeding them every couple of hours and making sure they stayed warm. I was told by a vet they had callicivirus and would slowly fade away. It is now 6 months later and the weakest of the three has not only survived, but thrived. He is a little odd -- smaller than any cat I've ever seen and has the cutest overbite, but very much alive. 

My husband and I found homes for all of the cats and kittens that came out of that colony. We have decided to keep our little miracle kitten, as we have become so attached. He brings us great joy.

rariasc rariasc

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I have saved a life one time in an accident car, and I would like to save more, it's a greatest experience

TianaW TianaW

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Ok, so maybe I cheated on this one because I'm sure every parent saves their child on a daily basis. On this particular occasion, we were at a Labor Day Party at my grandmother's house. There is always tons of family ready to help out with everyone elses' children. My daughter doesn't particularly like the water, so she usually hangs out along the outside of the pool, unless she's in a REALLY good mood. Today, she was not. As I was eating, I hear "oh no" and hear a splash. I turn around to see my one and only babygirl with nothing but her ponytail sticking out of the water. Now, I'm sure someone would have gotten her, but as a parent, logic disappeared, and pure reaction kicked in. I jumped in the pool, fully clothed, sneakers, and my phone in my pocket. My phone was done, but Destiny was fine :-) Furthermore, I wanted to get a picture of everything on my bucket list.. this is one exception!

MadelineLM MadelineLM

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 It was emotionally draining, but I wouldn't change it for anything. There is no doubt that if I hadn't been there for this person, things would have ended alot differently.

elfen elfen

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I went swimming with one of my best friends when she suddenly started going down under the water. I tried to swim her in, but I didn't get far. I screamed until one the other people helped me get her in.

I have been afraid of water ever since. 

jenniferbrowne01 jenniferbrowne01

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First time CPR on EMT practicum, May 2014 @ RGH


Penny-Marie Penny-Marie

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I saved my Dad's life when he tried to commit suicide in 2015. Worst day of my live ever.  

Petit Coeur en Or Petit Coeur en Or

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I can't imagine my life without her now!!! #Luna

heathernwarren1992 heathernwarren1992

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Saved my rabbits life from dying from G.I. stasis. Had to wake up every 2 hours for 3 days to force feed water and food.


toni.currington toni.currington

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Saved lives whilst in the police

taman44 taman44

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Zoontje was twee en wilde het zwembad gaan ontdekken, had niet in de gaten dat hij nog niet kon zwemmen, ik stond er de hele tijd bij, 1 tel even omgedraaid omdat oma zwempak kwijt was en plons ik hoor hem vallen. Met rok en rode schoenen het zwembad ingedoken en hem eruit gehaald. Rode voetjes aan overgehouden.

MelCats MelCats

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I work for a mental health clinic and we mostly deal with depression and anxiety. Rarely do we get a person who is suicidal. However one day a 15 year old girl wrote in saying she felt like she was going to harm herself, and she had a clear plan. We were able to call her school and they were able to get to her before she did anything. Thankfully. 

jissel jissel

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it was an accident , an auto driver ran his vehicle into an electric post,may be he fall asleep while driving.. co passenger was not injuered, driver was unconcius,, i help them to reach hospital ....  


caamryynnn caamryynnn

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 The summer before 8th grade at our Memorial Day Weekend BBQ, my cousin Julia and I were talking to a very close family friend. Some how the topic of his two year old son fallling into the pool came up into conversation. Grey had been leaning over towards the pool trying to grab toys in the water and he was making all of us nervous. Moments before having this conversation I had just gotten dressed into some dry clothes. I told Greys father something along the lines of "If he were to fall in I'd drop my watermelon and jump in with my clothes on. ( I take my watermelon very seriously and don't let any go to waste) but my cousin and I were just thinking out loud to him. We ended the converstation with "Lets pray that doesn't happen though."  Not even five minutes later I have my back turned to the water playing soccer with my family when I heard a splash. Everyone was playing soccer except Grey so I knew it had to be him in the water. I guess without thinking I jumped in the water (clothes on and watermelon in my hand) and held him above the water while my uncle and Greys father ran to grab him. Grey was fine, he had just swallowed a lot of water and was realy scared, as many of us were. I never thought something like that would happen. They thanked me for saving him and everyone eventually went back to what they were doing. I stood there talking to Julia about what just happened and how shocked I was. I excused myself to grab some more watermelon because throughout the craziness I managed to loose the piece I had before. Greys father was standing infront of it so I said excusme me as i grabbed a few slices. He replied with "Anything for you," he joked. "anything you want, nname it and its yours."  He laughed. 

"hmmm I'll take a lifetime supply of watermelon... oh or some Demi Lovato tickets." I responded. We all laughed and continued talking. About a week later I came home from school one day and my parents told me they had a surprise for me. I was expecting my favorite dinner was being cooked for tonight. (It really doesnt take much to make me happy lmao) but they handed me a piece of paper. When I opened it, it was an email from Greys father with a link to stub hub. He ordered me 3 tickets for a Demi Lovato Concert. I almost cried. I couldn't believe what was happening. I didn't deserve them, I was just doing what anyone would have done but he insitsed. I was really fine with the thank you I had receivd at the party. 


The concert was amazing and I was only 7 rows away from the stage. It was amazing. But Grey is safe and ok and thats the most important thing

Dude_Louie Dude_Louie

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whether the person has been going through a tough time and is confused or that 

person is in immediate danger... i want to be that superman in their life.

lizzie.rivera lizzie.rivera

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Every year we spend Christmas at my Family Friend's place because they have a pool. It was on of those boiling hot 40 degree days. I remember I was around 12 years old, the pool was full of kids and I noticed something floating under the water. It was a 3 year old kid. I dragged him up to get air and he luckily he started coughing up the water. 

JUST A WARNING EVERYONE! Make sure you watch your kids while swimming.

Pururus Pururus

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 I saved a life by donating blood

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