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Brilliant_Disguise Brilliant_Disguise

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It was around 4 AM when and there was a man who was very drunk and what else he had used..But he was walking with us first(my friend's friend knew him or something) but then turned around and said that he'll go that way instead. I tried to ask whether he knows where to go or not but he didn't answered. I was a bit worried because I didn't believe he would end up his home. When I looked back I didn't see him on the road anymore and turned around and saw him rolling down to ditch and he ended up lying next to the river. And it was cold weather in November. He didn't move anymore and I ran down and asked my friends to come to help me and we carried and pushed him back to the road and I made sure he ended up his hotel room with other musicians (I found out he was a bass player from a band that played that night in our city so he didn't even know any places there or remember where he stayed...) 

ilke ilke

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Sokak kapısının önünde ölmek üzere beklerken görünce çok üzüldüm. bir haftalık veteriner bakımından sonra iyileşti. Bu hayvanda beni en çok etkileyen şey ise yaşama bu kadar tutunmasıydı. Yaşamak için gerçekten çaba sarf ettiğini gördüm. Biz moralimizi bozup herşeye üzülürken bunu görmek bana yaşamanın tek bir amacı olduğunu hatırlattı. Sadece hayatta kalmayı başarabilmek!!

jennlovesgod jennlovesgod

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DID THIS!!! May 9th, 2009. and its funny because it was my friend who i saved at her bday party (may 9) and today is her bday!! hahaha... we were snorkeling in hawaii and she freaked out and sucked in water and panic under the water and was to far out to swin so i grabbed her and took her up and she almost drown me because she was so afraid! all turned out ok! cuz she is now celebrating another bday!

DeedraRaeHumphrey DeedraRaeHumphrey

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Because thats awesome.

Metro Metro

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Lifeguarding at the YMCA , Lady had a stroke and I caught her as she she was falling to the ground. I also put out a couple fired from crashes on the freeway!

GrandLarseny GrandLarseny

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She said that if I hadn't come along, she'd be dead.  

dearliza dearliza

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On February 13th, I was driving clients to an appointment in my car when I saw the FRONT of a truck coming at my drivers door.  I swerved to avoid the hit, the truck finally started to correct himself.  Had I not swerved, we would have been hit straight on at 65 miles an hour on the freeway. 


Zophisticat Zophisticat

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An old and confused gentleman with a broken arm was slow to get up, and out of the train.

The station manager didn't notice him when he gave the sign to close the doors and start going. The gentleman got stuck between the doors. His head, one leg and his broken arm where outside of the -then still slowly- moving train.

People near the door stood staring and did nothing. The moments that followed passed in slow motion. I told the the person I was on the phone with to hold, I got up, walked to the door, put my arm under the gentlemans armpit -I still don't know how I got the strength- I pushed the door open, securing it with my feet, lifted the elderly gentleman up and dropped him a meter (3ft) from the end of the station. The train was steadily picking up speed and nearing a signal pole which left only centimeters between the train. I pulled my head back in time but could feel the wind over my cheek.

I continued my phone call.... I saw people staring at me open mouthed, but it was not untill a lady who had witnessed it thanked me and I heard people talking about it that I started to grasp what had happened...

I'm convinced God or whoever is out there helped me, help this gentleman.

lyssa0154 lyssa0154

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I work as a lifeguard and I actually saved two lives this summer. It's such an adrenaline rush!

Pandora Pandora

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Was working as a nurse in a care home looking after the elderly.  One day, at lunch, I was asked to go urgently to another floor as there was a problem with a resident. (Bear in mind I was the most senior person in the building and I wasn't even supposed to be at work, I had picked up an extra shift and it was a Sat).  When I arrived, the gent had obviously been choking on his lunch, he wasn't breathing and was navy in colour.  Whilst a carer phoned for help, myself and the other carers got the gent on the floor. I couldn't find a pulse and had to start CPR.  I've never been so scared in all my life - nothing can prepare you  for having to deal with someone dying right before your eyes.  I cleared all the debris out of his mouth and got to work doing what I was trained to do - breathing and chest compressions.  By the time the ambulance arrived, the gent had a weak pulse and was taking very laboured breaths.  They bundled him off to hospital with bue lights and sirens blazing.  I honestly thought that he wasn't going to make it.  I kept phoning for updates and, a few days later, went to see him in hospital as I needed to see for myself what condition the gent was in.  I walked round the corner of the ward to find him sat up in bed watching TV.  He did have some side effects from this episode but he came back to the home a week later and is doing well.  He certainly had a guardian angel sitting on his shouder that day.


InMyOwnLittleWorld InMyOwnLittleWorld

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ShizenNoOtoko ShizenNoOtoko

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Saving lives every day since going vegan!


Significance Significance

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I saved a teenage boy from drowning in a lake last week. This was never on my list, but when I do eventually kick the bucket this will be something I will look back on and be proud of.

HappyYellow HappyYellow

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This is an odd one to be on a bucketlist in the sense that unless you work in certain professions it isn't something planned or expected, it just happens. With me, it was 2004, I was on my way to University lectures and my train was delayed. I nipped to the ladies and heard what sounded like someone struggling to breathe in the other cubicle. "Are you OK?" No answer. Knocked on the wall, then louder "Are you OK?" still no answer. Cringing, I climbed ontp the toilet to see a girl in her twenties slumped on the ground making horrible rasping sounds... I ran outside... nobody there... I did the only thing I could and kicked the door in, grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her backwards. The force they told my opened her collapsing airway and she started breating again. She was a horrible colour. I called the ambulance, she started to fit... luckily the paramedics were soon there and had everything under control but they told me that if I hadn't been there she'd have died. It was a heroin overdose... I only hope she got help before it claimed her because if not it means that rather than saving her I only delayed the inevitable.

ppkam0202 ppkam0202

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I'm 13 and I've saved my cousin from drowning and my best friend from getting run over by a car



lolabell lolabell

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My best friend came very very close to killing herself, but I managed to talk her out of it in time for me to alert her parents. She still says that I'm the reason she's sill alive.

Jamie221b Jamie221b

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I saved a inexperienced swimmer from drowning...

KatieD623 KatieD623

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I saved my Dog's life when she was stuck.....she could not breath.

jaclynnhanson jaclynnhanson

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Eric Mortirko-suicidal

stephanieyuhas stephanieyuhas

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-Greg P, 2007

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