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mnishamk mnishamk

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My itinerary for the day.Tuesday,  11 Nov 2014.

The day started off with my hostel-mate asking if i wanted to go campaigning, something i'd always declined earlier. Decided to make today my yes day. Before i left, i had to hold a centipede, something i had never done before, of course i did that too. Then i went with him and started campaigning. I ain't very good at interactions with people and that was a challenge. Actually i didn't do much good, so i was asked politely to leave, which i did.

Later someone asked me to make some fliers for them, and i had to agree, and i started doing that. Not too much trouble, just folding and cutting, and since it didn't involve people i was pretty good at it. I was at it for more than an hour when my dad came to visit.

Dad's colleague had come to visit his relative and dad had tagged along. Dad, his colleague and i had lunch and i sent them off after that. Nothing special, just happened.

In between i bought food for my hostel mate too, again, nothing special or challenging, just happened today.

Came back to my room and read some Quran translation. to be honest, wasn't too impressed with it. but hey, opinions differ.

Somewhere along the line, my friend (douche) found out what i was upto and asked me to roll on the ground.Nothing challenging but hey (not fair). Anyway i did it.

Night fall.

It started raining and i went for a walk barefoot in the rain, was a pleasant experience.

Cleaned my room, while i was at it.

Found out that a senior was going to buy snacks, i tagged along. Had to buy him a bottle of coke, but worth it. A midnight outing is fun any day.

I was asked to trespass on the ladies hostel by a friend, but thankfully, she took it back, letting me off the hook. 

It was midnight by then, and i was real happy to complete my first challenge. To tell the truth i think, i've lived more today than the past month.


paola334 paola334

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 A random guy at my school thinks I like him because of this

Twisted tale Twisted tale

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Interesting. Got asked to make giant cookies a lot. Better start on those today. Questions got sexual too. Suggest specifying that you have a right to not answer.

ikaankeskin ikaankeskin

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Life finds a way. 


The Jurassic park handsome used that term during the movie which has sparked acceptance things in his brain and eventually he concluded that we should let life to play its game. 


He said yes to everything that his heart told him. which was quite similar.  Everything is good and going and Kaan believes he should practice YES! more.

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It was easier than I thought it would be and led to to a full day of amazing adventures! Since then I've been saying YES to things in my daily life more and more and more! What a wonderful way to live! 

mollycat27 mollycat27

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Me and a couple of friends did it. I loved it. We are continuing it as long as we can.

MunchkinMarcus MunchkinMarcus

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My year of saying YES! Said yes to WOSAwards, Hotel, etc etc. Said yes to meeting guy late one evening etc. 'Fuck it and book it' for Florida trip, yes to booking  Daytona beach last minute 


Ambie668 Ambie668

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For the whole day I had to say yes to everything, my friends mad it very hard for me but I completed it.

sofatelly sofatelly

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Well, to be honest it was only half a day, but it was fun anyway. I have agreed to visit my nieces and family in Australia, so I will now plan when I can go.  

florastafanos florastafanos

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CoBr CoBr

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Cumple sofi, mamá y noche


Chris258 Chris258

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I completed this.

28/4/12- 00:00



Some people made it very hard and very tortureous for me but i battled onto the end.

I had Facebook Humilation and many many weird things... All good fun though!

aisseeKio aisseeKio

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just for fun :)

steen steen

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i thought it would be a breeze,but some things come up and your like,ummm yes.

LaurenSpiese LaurenSpiese

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It was very awkward sometimes... A little annoying but also funny.

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