Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef

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danielmdubois danielmdubois

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Unreal experience! Sad to see how much of it is dying though.


karlanthonyjensen karlanthonyjensen

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Multiple dives at remote locations on great barrier Reef

Kiss_kris Kiss_kris

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I traveled through Australia coast to coast. So fulfilling. 

camelli camelli

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I learned scuba diving there. Great experience. Would do it again and again and again...

jdeares jdeares

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We went scuba diving in the GBR during out trip to Australia & New Zealand. This is my hubby diving:[email protected]/6496452493/in/photostreamAnd a sea turtle we saw:[email protected]/6496456997/in/photostream/





alanab alanab

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Have done this several times as I live on the Coast of the Great BArrier Reef.

SelfDefenceAgainstFreshFruit SelfDefenceAgainstFreshFruit

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Three day live aboard scuba trip starting from Cairns, Australia.

It was awesome. We dived with reef shark and saw octopuses, lion fish, cuttle fish and much, much more. I strongly recommend it for any and all divers out there!

kfourte kfourte

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Went to Cairns, Australia to learn to scuba dive and got to experience the reef as a classroom.  It's amazing and beautiful and wonderful.  One of the coolest experiences of my life.  I cannot wait to dive again soon!

EmLil82 EmLil82

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amazing time with the family :)

liamdearlove liamdearlove

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 Go Scuba Diving at Heron Island

jacquelinealm2010 jacquelinealm2010

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not as colorful as i'd imagine it would be 

dirtypiratehooker19 dirtypiratehooker19

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I actually was fortunate enough to do this twice! Once off a boat in Cairns, and the second time in the Whitsunday Islands. Both times I saw the most colorful fish I have ever seen in my life, including when I lived in Maui, and met two most amazing people of my entire Australian journey.


kathleen_stewart kathleen_stewart

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 I worked on Hamilton Island so could get mates' rates for scuba diving. Great experience.

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