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amirbabakk amirbabakk

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Amazing experience! The feeling of calm and majestic underwater world cannot be beat!

Margitorsolya Margitorsolya

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 A must for you too :D

dagrooms252 dagrooms252

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Went diving at a quarry, stood on a Boeing 727 at 40 feet. It was super cold. Really want to scuba dive in Florida now.

ohayoanwise172 ohayoanwise172

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Always thinking to do it in sipadan! the plan has to be postponed but definitely will put it in my future plan. And i did my first discovery scuba diving in gili trawangan . It was totally whole new experience for me, i dived in ocean about 10m , i saw colorful corals and big turtles, it was feeling great and amazing when i able to touch it. Planning to get open water near future



ZacFeighery ZacFeighery

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Achieved my padi open water certification on koh Tao with Jamie and Ash, instructed by Steve Wright. Got 6 dives under my belt, went to a shipwreck and under water 'theme park'. Did a fun dive with Jamie ash Tess and Luke and long with Steve and saw a stroll or thousands of fish. I ended up by chance in the middle completely surrounded by them


Nini Nini

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The best thing I have ever done. On the other side of fear is a magical world of such beauty and freedom. Learnt in South Africa - went onto Thailand - then Egypt. Next Bali!


anna.rudy1313 anna.rudy1313

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Always wanted to try...not for me

wildandwandering wildandwandering

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I got my diving certificate in Koh Tao Thailand. After that I was hooked. I scuba dived all around South East Asia. Since then, I have gotten my advanced certificate - while in the Philippines. It is the best hobby anyone can have - you get to experience a completely different world.  

looulabell looulabell

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Rachiebond Rachiebond

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 #030 Amazing experience scuba diving in the Red Sea. Perfect location to learn to dive in the crystal clear waters. 

Gnarly.Carly Gnarly.Carly

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First dive in Fiji say whaat? With sharks say what what? ;) #Notevenscary






dorqui dorqui

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Learned how to scuba dive at the university, but haven't done much of it since...:( is there a bucket list for the bucket list?

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quaifeshannon752 quaifeshannon752

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I have been scuba diving at the Great Barrier reef many times.

kavijayshankarips kavijayshankarips

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panktipatel79 panktipatel79

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I have a slight fear of water..mainly becuase this one time i was in a pool, i slipped and drowned and a lady in the pool with me dragged me out... I finally got out of this fear (kind off) after snorkelling and scuba diving in Havelock, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India

Giking Giking

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It was something that I always wanted to do. I grew up watching Sea Hunt on TV. This also was where a number of 007 movies were shot. 

amit.mehta787 amit.mehta787

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Fantastic & unbelievable!!!!

mjpoblete mjpoblete

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I did Discover Scuba at Dosil's in Middletown, NJ. We were in an indoor heated pool. Went 10 feet below. This was a very fun experience. However, it's also one of the most dangerous things I've ever done. Scuba Diving is a very complicated sport with lots of risks. I recommend thoroughly researching first. Discover Scuba is a great way to get started with a PADI instructor, though. After your experience, you can decide to get certified.

Reems Reems

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Amazing but rough seas

skiwavestxi skiwavestxi

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