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Come fly away! <3

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 sleeping beauty

euna.dolor euna.dolor

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Finally. I have been wanting (for years already) to see a ballet show--well it was actually more of a modern ballet.

Last March 1, Silliman hosted Rock Supremo by Ballet Philippines on its very own auditorium. After learning about the upcoming show, I went to buy tickets a month ahead and was able to get a good seat. Dancers really amaze me, especially those who do ballet. Too bad, I wasn't able to even capture at least one picture during the show. I unlearningly emptied my phone battery since I just got back from a random trip in Cebu and I really regret having not notice it earlier. Anyway, the show was really great. I may not have captured a photo through my phone but was able to get a better picture through my eyes which allowed me to fully embrace and appreciate the moment. By the way, the songs used were great, too. I liked the "Liwanag" by Kai Honasan and the ballet performance for that song above all. It almost brought me tears. Aside from that, the show was also successful in serving its purpose--educate the viewers about the life of Andres Bonifacio--one of the most admired heroes of the Filipinos.   :D


Disclaimer: Photos are not mine. 

meghan.benson.16 meghan.benson.16

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I went to see Shen Yun with my friend Dave Winn. It was pretty Neat.


angelinemallonga angelinemallonga

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Having been enrolled in formal Ballet classes for several years, I have watched quite a lot of Ballet shows and have been dancing for some of them. The latest Ballet show I've watched was Giselle by Ballet Philippines in the Cultural Center of the Philippines with 3 kiddos, Aja, Jian and Celine.


elfen elfen

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Got 2 tickets to see the Swan Lake at Musikhuset in Aarhus when the Russian National Ballet vistis. Great dancers, great show, good experience! :D

missmart missmart

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Me and my mom went to ballet for the first time.

"Swan Lake". Some actors were not perfect of course ( I'm a complaining bitch as always), but that black swan stole my damn heart and broke it!


goobervillian goobervillian

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Christopher took me to see Cinderella at Butler. What an amazing gift!


mariasafadi mariasafadi

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Angela, Mum, Ella and I went to see The Nutcracker but I don't remember much of it because I kept on falling asleep as I was so tired haha


Zorvana Zorvana

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Been to The Nutcracker.

aloha.canada aloha.canada

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The Nutcracker


Ruby. Ruby.

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 Swan Lake. The Nutcracker. Oh and there was another one, but that was a while ago. It was nice having a mother who worked at the arts center!!

DominicLindesay DominicLindesay

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 The love of my life took me to my first ballet at the world famous Sadlers Wells. It was Northern Ballet's interpretation of one of my favourite tragic love stories: The Great Gatsby. A wonderful experience!

Ciois Ciois

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My life is a dance, and I always wanted to see a ballet.

Neele Neele

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Als Geburtstagsgeschenk von Anna und Elin wahren wir in der Volksoper und haben uns Carmina Burana, Nachmittag eines Fauns und Bolero angeschaut (die letzten beiden sind nur 15 min). Vor allem Bolero hat mir sehr gut gefallen, und ich überlege fast ob ich noch mal hingehe nur um Bolero zu sehen. Es war ein unerwartet sinnliches Erlebnis, und es hat mir wirklich sehr gut gefallen! 


catthekiwi catthekiwi

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 I saw the Russian Ballet perform Beriozka, at the teatro Muncipal, Antofagasta earlier in the year. They were amazing. 

mattegan30 mattegan30

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The Nutcracker with the family in 2013.  Hopefully an annual event!

bartmos bartmos

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 30 december my girlfriend and I went to the national opera and ballet theatre in Amsterdam to see the nutcracker an the mouseking. normally I would never go by myself, but my girlfriend is such a big fan of ballet that I bought two tickets as a christmas present. I was really overwhelmed when I walked into the theatrehall because it was so enormous and everything was beautiful covered in red. I also was very suprised about how awesome the show was!! I would recommend anybody to go once in your life to a ballet. Just because you can.

MeganSim MeganSim

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Very magical moment as a ballerina watching a ballet performance. You really embrace and note the smallest movements! 

rebecca.turner1986 rebecca.turner1986

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I went to see Mathew Bourn Swan Lake with Erica


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