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Smiz Smiz

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 i saw Fame! loved it!

marianaherreria marianaherreria

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 While living near NYC one of the things I HAD to do was to see at least one Broadway Musical. One of my best friends from CT took me to see Chicago, a Broadway classic. 

kellylaughton kellylaughton

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We went and saw the Lion King on brordway and it was truely amazing! I also went and saw Wicked again brordway in New York was exceptional!!!!! 

Mirjamest Mirjamest

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I absolutely love, love, love musical theatre, and visiting Broadway was a milestone I was super happy to complete, with the excellent Phantom of the Opera. Since then I've been back at least 10 times during different visits and the picture here is from the set of My Fair Lady in summer 2019. I still have all the Playbills :)

hannah.rash.16 hannah.rash.16

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I saw wicked when it travelled to SC and was at the peace center, it was my Christmas present.

ascomparini05120 ascomparini05120

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Lion King on Broadway.


Wik Wik

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Saw one in april 2009

waverida1 waverida1

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My wife and I saw The Color Purple on broadway.  It was incredible.

wooliejumper wooliejumper

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46 success stories first was The Producers and it was WONDERFUL!

Deeber Deeber

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Lion King on Broadway!!

Spencer_nicole Spencer_nicole

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Phantom of the Opera..... had no clue what the opera was about

MeganBercaw MeganBercaw

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First Date the Musical was my first broadway play/musical!

Helen2011 Helen2011

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 Book of Mormon! Amazing!!!

Sdabucketlist Sdabucketlist

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My very first Broadway show was Beauty and the Beast and it was absolutely fantastic!!!

Ansley6990 Ansley6990

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Saw Wicked and The Producers and got "Glinda's" signature

Marcel Marcel

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EyeballKid EyeballKid

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See, now this one is a bit tricky. If we're talking a Broadway show ON Broadway in New York...then this completion is a lie. But I have seen the following shows in Chicago and Los Angeles:

-Wicked, Chicago, Avenue Q

AlexMac AlexMac

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I'd seen staged Musicals growing up, but my first Broadway Show was Fiddler on the Roof with my High School Choir.   The sets, voices, and dancing were outstanding.  There is a scene where they are in a dream and the stage floor machanically lifts and lights shine through out at the audience.  You see the main characters from a birds eye view.  It was AmaZing!!!!  The following Year I was cast as Tzeital in Fiddler on the Roof.  It was my first major role in a full musical. 

MissYena MissYena

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Saw two during my first trip to new York, the classic Phantom if the opera, and the hilarious new "Nice Work If You Can Get It" by the gershwins starring Matthew broderick! So much fun

Kathy Kathy

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Was taken to see The Lion King with my Aunt, Uncle and brother when I was 13. Have since then seen Beauty and the Beast, Avenue Q and Billy Elliot.

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