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Brilliant_Disguise Brilliant_Disguise

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 There are usually a lot of them if you just spend a while watching night sky

Ailar Ailar

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 My family owns a cabin in the woods on a mountain without water and electricity. My parents, my sister and I spent the Easter holiday there together, the road was closed so we had to ski 2 km to get there. For some reason we brush our teeth outdoor, and one night the sky was clear and revealed the most beautiful starry sky I have ever seen. For just a second or two my sister and I saw a shooting star across the sky and everything was perfect. For a moment I felt the happiest I have ever been, with my sister by my side in such wonderful surroundings. It was one of those moments you want to last forever.

Gitze Gitze

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Me and 6 of my best friends were lying on the road next to eachother and talking whilst watching the stars and then suddenly there was a big star flying over the sky and it was just a magical moment


varsharavindra12 varsharavindra12

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 You sometimes see the most amazing things in a most unexpected ways. Well this was one of 'em. I'd just read about shooting stars, watched them on TV or heard others talk about it. But seeing it for real blew my mind! I couldn't even make a wish in the excitement or maybe I did, I don't know :) I was too full of adrenaline!

chilli.hodgson chilli.hodgson

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While on Highway 1 (The Big Sur) in California, we stopped one night & turned the lights of the car off, so we were in pitch black - there was no light pollution, which was spectacular.

sarah1777 sarah1777

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I just wish I could have gotten a picture. Shooting star are magical :D

sophiemccoy sophiemccoy

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December 2013. Saw several meteors from the Perseid meteor shower. Amazing! Next step is to try to photograph them.

chemical_elli chemical_elli

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Tifawt Tifawt

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C'était trés étrange comme coincidence, je viens d'y penser le Jeudi vers 18H et je l'ai vu le vendrerdi à 03H30 du matin, je l'ai à peine perçu, et ça m'a donné une immense joie, alors je me demande comment un voeu simple pouvait déclencher autant de bonheur, je l'ai percu comme un message d'Allah comme si Azza wjala me disait : tes rêves seront tous atteints inchaeAllah, je dois juste bosser davanatage et faire du dou3a2 sincére :)

الحمد لله <3

lizzie.rivera lizzie.rivera

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Dad was driving me to a friends house one night, when I saw a fast line of light go by in the sky. I thought it was weird, until I realized it was a shooting star!


pandapupgrl3 pandapupgrl3

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It was my 14th birthday party and i was on the trampoline with my friends  Selene and Allaire and my sister looking up in the night sky and we saw 2 or 3 shooting stars

elliknorr elliknorr

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ON MY 17th BIRTHDAY!!!! <3 Grabe!!! <3

BawbeeSew BawbeeSew

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I've done this countless times.. Living in the middle of nowhere, cornfield adjacent allows plenty of opportunity. I feel bad for those who never get the chance.

laurabcq laurabcq

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Avec Aude ♥ 

cvsully cvsully

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While at the drive-in with Matt, Jess and Andrew watching Fast Five

yangrocksnrolls yangrocksnrolls

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first time was 3 years ago during my first spontaneous trip with my friends in one of batangas beaches. boy, there were lots of shooting stars to see on that beach.

mandiijohnson mandiijohnson

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This just happened a couple of weeks ago while I was walking out to my car after Spanish class. 

JemmaB JemmaB

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It was near Christmas in December 2008 in Glasgow, I just glanced up at the sky and saw it, amazing :)

brittamcdonald3 brittamcdonald3

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Saw my first ever shooting star in Mudgee, NSW at an observatory. Absolutely amazing!!! (Meteor shower)

SmashaKelly SmashaKelly

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It was 2011, I was 19 and it's the first and only shooting star I've seen. Me and some other volunteers were star gazing at Obudu Cattle Ranch in Nigeria when we spotted it. It was beautiful.

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