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mangomarsh mangomarsh

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 Arenal volcano in Costa Rica

dadum86 dadum86

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Dormant volcano seen, now time for an active one.....

apoland79 apoland79

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April 2014


The volcano that crippled air traffic in 2010... and was nearly impossible for the world to pronounce. It was in southern Iceland, and worth a stop.

There is a large farm set back into the mountainside, and it is the perfect way to add scale to the enormity of the volcano.

Pretty impressive, neat, and scary at the same time.


dismale dismale

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In NZ :-)

Shawn-bon Shawn-bon

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Went to Amboy to see the dragons and hike the volcano.

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It was from a distance and covered with snow, but we saw Mount St. Helens on our roadtrip.


sanchit.khera sanchit.khera

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Visited Mount Fuji, the highest peak in Japan at 3776 m. Though a dormant volcano, but still happy to see it ;)


HollyBobble HollyBobble

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Whilst visiting Bolivia I saw a smoking volcano! was far away but still seen it!

Johnthetaxlawyer Johnthetaxlawyer

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Oahu inactive volcanos

MaryAnnS MaryAnnS

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Great sight, it was an active volcano in bali, has been active for many years and it errupted once before but thankfully it has not errupted again in years! it was nice to see one however i want to CLIMB ONE!

jayareeG jayareeG

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I went with my family for our 2007 vacation to the Philippines. We had to ride horses up to the viewing. It's still considered active.

ness.flip ness.flip

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It was great to say that I have done this but it was so hot and smelt like sulphur. Not sure what I expected really

assenavfox assenavfox

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Fannyupcrutch Fannyupcrutch

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 In 2016 I visited Iceland and saw lots of volcanic activity in the golden circle. Awesome!

EMSlist1999 EMSlist1999

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The first volcano I've seen is Taal Volcano when I first visited Tagaytay City, Cavite back in 2003 

livingtothemax livingtothemax

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El Teide, Tenerife 

Vintagebetty Vintagebetty

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I lived in Washington state when Mount St Helens erupted in 1980. But the Pacific Northwest has a volcano mountain system. also in 1991 I lived on the island of Oahu and flew over to the Big Island and watched the total eclipse from the volcano park, it was truly an amazing life time experience.

spdfbucketlist spdfbucketlist

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Did a heli ride over a live volcano on Hawaiis big island in 1994

Chicdon Chicdon

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Visited a active volcano while on a cruise to the Southern Caribbean on the island of St. Lucia.

spankers spankers

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We drove up Mount Teide on my second visit to Tenerife :)

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