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JessicaPenny JessicaPenny

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Madama Butterfly by Puccini

flamingrosedrakon flamingrosedrakon

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  I actually got a bit of a bonus since they showed two one right after the other. The first one was billed as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's "The Impre$ario" and the second was Gian Carlo Menotti's "The Medium".

 When I watched the first one I felt disappointed since of the fact that it started off a bit weird, especially when you consider the oinking pigs. From there even though the program said it was in English it seemed like the auditioning divas were contesting each other in a language other than English.

 But the second one was amazing and that wasn't just since Lauryn was playing a role in it. The voices were dynamite and filled the room, there was the equal amount of passionate feelings, a bit of spooky horror and of course the tragic atmosphere. The best person in my opinion was the guy who played Toby who is a mute since although he didn't say a word throughout the show his part was played so exquisitely that you didn't need him to talk to drive the show.

 Unlike most movies and a few other shows "The Medium" was fast-paced and didn't slack. All the right elements were included to capture the mind while I wouldn't mind seeing another production that is just as captivating as this raw show.

MadelineLM MadelineLM

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I had a roomate in university, and opera was her thing. We didn't get along very well, but she was a great preformer. Me and her mom saw one her operas, and it was a good time.

PhotoCredit: thedrinkbuisness,com 

Jenessa17 Jenessa17

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A Bánk Bán az egyik legnépszerűbb opera Magyarországon. Ez egy tinédereknek (pontosoabban középiskolásoknak) szóló előadás volt, a jegyeket is sokkal olcsóbban tudtuk megvenni, 300 Forintért. Mindenkinek azt mondtuk fantasztikus volt, bár néha egyáltalán nem értettük mi van. :D

 It is one of the most popular operas in Hungary, called Bánk Bán. It was a show for teenagers (more precisely for secondary schools), so we could buy (much) cheaper tickets (it cost only 300 Ft, about 1 $). We said it had been awesome; but we didn't understand it sometimes. xd

danniparrish danniparrish

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I fell asleep about 3/4 through it. She just took soooooooooooo long to commit suicide, ugh. My wife, however, loved it :) This was Giuseppe Verdi’s Il Trovatore (The Troubadour). Reportedly "The grandest of grand operas. Everything to love about an opera: a gypsy burned at the stake, a kidnapped infant, star-crossed lovers, passions, suicide and the stirring Anvil Chorus." 


Mell92 Mell92

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We went to see Lady McBeth!


hannah.rash.16 hannah.rash.16

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I saw the marriage of Figaro because my voice teacher at the time Simone Vigilante  was in it. it was put on in Asheville and it was wonderful. I think it was in 2005.

Modest Modest

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I jokingly told my sister to think of me fondly and a few days later she surprised me with tickets to go see Phantom of the Opera! Someone hold me! I can't contain my excitement nflskhfnlweihfewhf!!!!!1!1!!


alain.jeantet alain.jeantet

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 Il Trovatore - Verdi

basilmoons basilmoons

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I saw Don Giovanni in steampunk because I wanted to dress in steampunk and needed an ocation... it was pretty great. There was an older lady behind me who told me all about Opra and what was the best / who was the best and it was simply great. (Really, she knew he Opra)


areilla10 areilla10

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Phantom of the Opera in NYC.  It was amazing.


rlitaker rlitaker

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I've seen Eugene Onegin, Carmen, and the Flying Dutchman. All of them were amazing.

Yhfbracey Yhfbracey

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I saw Don Giovanni in Prague

ivana.galic.ka ivana.galic.ka

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 Nabucco by Verdi

erawrcaMusic erawrcaMusic

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 Carmen (2010) and La Boheme (2011) with French/Choir students in high school.

"If you can do it so can I"

xarahFJS xarahFJS

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cfroberg cfroberg

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Saw several with my husband, we were part of the Edmonton Opera explorer's club in our early 20's.

maria.rivera.7712 maria.rivera.7712

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Went with Adrian Brlectic 5 minutes before showtime to see The Tales of Hoffman performed at Teatro Real


Soxxygirl Soxxygirl

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Tosca in 2011


santiago2pr santiago2pr

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Madam Butterfly at the Kennedy Center

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