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HomoToeristika HomoToeristika

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 Visiting London while in the company of friends is the best way to explore the world!

ng93 ng93

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Pretty cool thing to see and hear it chime :) 

Servane Servane

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Just before seeing it, it just felt like it was Christmas Eve. I was so excited, I won't forget how it is to actually see it, and not be staring at a picture


Kaylie203 Kaylie203

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My father and I went to London for my birthday in 2012, I really wanted to see the Big Ben, so we took the metro to the Big Ben. Once we got there we had to walk over the green bridge where many people actually tried to steal out money etc. The Big Ben itself was nice, but it was very crouded (Can be expected)


negative_creep_96 negative_creep_96

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not good photos xd It was nice time but in awful youth hostel xd

I hope that I will come back to London :>

VictoriaAmyBL VictoriaAmyBL

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 Love the atmosphere of London as a whole...

latinaphilipina latinaphilipina

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Ben wasn't as Big as I thought! lol It was AMAZING

keara.jackson keara.jackson

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This is the second time I've seen Big Ben, first time was in 2002 on an R.E trip with Northfield School. 

Marisa Marisa

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Saw the Big Ben when I was in London with a friend.


sarahloufisher sarahloufisher

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I've seen Big Ben several times living in England but my favourite time was in 2015 when I took my goddaughter to London for the day for her 18th birthday


Alberte Alberte

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Went to London with my high school classmates, where we walked around the streets of London. Got to see Big Ben and ate a bunch of food :)

carlosalex81 carlosalex81

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6 / Janeiro / 2015

vildefs vildefs

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Saw Big Ben when in London with my English Class in High School.  

Mariliacr Mariliacr

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 Even tough when I came to London the Big Ben was all covered with scaffolding it was still pretty to see (and to realise big ben it's not that big...)  

@iman @iman

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Was a nice sunny day, Big Ben was under maintenance.


citessan citessan

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London många gånger! 2009 - med klassen från HP 2012 - konfirmationsresa med fotbollslaget 2015 - med familjen & familjen Johnsson 



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Saw Big Ben - June 1976 - but unfortunately I didn't get to hear the chimes as they were fixing it at the time.

laura.a18 laura.a18

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 2017 - my first trip to Europe. The first day of our trip my family and I walked around London for the day seeing all of the big touristy things including Big Ben. It was large and magnificent although we did not get very close.

cara.m.coffey cara.m.coffey

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 Great to see.

e_u33 e_u33

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A bit under whelming as the whole complex was under construction


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