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luv4lanii luv4lanii

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It was simply amazing!I was sitting outside of my motel in Lincoln Nebraska when one floated down near me. When he lit up I was so filled with joy that I began to sob and tears of happiness ran down my cheeks. Absolute. Best. Experience. Ever!

sanchit.khera sanchit.khera

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"If there was never any darkness, we would never see the fireflies!"

Modest Modest

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My sister and I enjoy taking a stroll in the park in the evenings after work. On our most recent walk we encountered a ton of soft flashing lights. I can't even begin to describe how amazed I was. The peacefulness of their glow mixed with the gentle chirping of cicadas in the background. I would give anything to experience it again!

(Not my picture! I came across this moment unexpectedly and didn't have a camera on me ^^;.)


audrey.boyer.355 audrey.boyer.355

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It was surreal and magical <3  

summer15 summer15

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Paulaguy Paulaguy

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Stayed at a friends in the Cambodian jungle, had a random get together with some Cambodian builders one evening and as we stood there in came a firefly. Another of those things that I'd wanted to see for a long, long time.

amagness5010 amagness5010

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Lake Mac Summer 2012

Marsho66 Marsho66

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Most beautiful amazing experience of my life. Sugar shack 2013

Skogul Skogul

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Sat in the park near the dorms with my brother, drinking beer and chatting, and there they were. Got kind of spooked by a hedgehog rummaging around, too.


cmarsalko cmarsalko

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One time I steped on a firefly while drunk, while looking at its glowing guts on the ground I ran into a fence and put a 1in gash in the forehead.

MelissaS120710 MelissaS120710

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New Jersey, one in Florida and many in Ecuador.

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