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Mascha Mascha

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In 2010 me and my friends went on vacation to France (we went to a small town called Argelès-sur-Mer). We decided to go to Barcelona for 1 day and there we also visisted Park Güell.

It was such a nice day and I loved the mosaic!

By the way: I didn't make that picture myself, I found it on Google =P


Queen2and5 Queen2and5

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I went to Barcelona a couple of years ago. It was amazing and of course I went to a lot of works by Gaudi. They were all beautiful especially Casa Ballo and The Sagrada Familia. 


1. Order tickets online

2. Get tours whether it is a recording or a tour guide

3. For the Sagarda Familia go up of the tours. You will get a great view of the city. 



Floro Floro

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His work is fantastic!!! It is very difficult to choose only one picture of his many different works. 

The cript of Gaudi  (also known as the church of Colonia Güell) was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in July 2005. Some good friends are married here :-)

Fennevandijkx Fennevandijkx

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Naar Barcelona, Park Guëll.

Young Traveler Blog Young Traveler Blog

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It was just incredible once in a life time experience. I completed this wish in July 2016 because I went on a trip through Spain with my friends I visited Madrid, Granada, Salamanca and of course Barcelona. I got to learn so much during this trip about the spanish history, culture, food, art and language. 

lauren.smalley1 lauren.smalley1

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IvanaPaukovac IvanaPaukovac

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beautiful church and park

anna.rudy1313 anna.rudy1313

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Lovely day in Barcelona with my hubby :-)

katy.matthews3 katy.matthews3

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Saw these in 2013, photos to follow. Amazing city, would visit again.

ilyredw ilyredw

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 It was my dream and it came true

anafc99 anafc99

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June 2015


cathy.kellerman.10 cathy.kellerman.10

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Aggiehead Aggiehead

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 Amazing architecture.  I was surprised at how bright and functional it all was inside.

Yorchibarra Yorchibarra

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EL QUE TODO LO VE. Un rostro que observa a un Cristo cubierto hasta el rostro. Ambos, obras de Gaudí, ambos producto de la casualidad. Al Cristo lo descubrí dentro de la Iglesia de la Sagrada Familia. Lo encontré cubierto probablemente para ser protegido ante una permanente remodelación del templo que pretende culminar una obra que el artista dejó involuntariamente inconclusa. Y el rostro me descubrió en una casa diseñada por el mismo artista. En realidad son ventanas que miran a un patio interior. Un cruce de miradas, un vistazo hacia adentro. ¿Quién mira a quién?


romyv romyv

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Went to Barcelona with school :) 

milescopeland17 milescopeland17

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Sagrada Familia is by far the single most impressive man-made structure I have ever seen. Parc Güell, Casa Batlló, and ​Cascada Fountain at Park de la Ciutadella are also quite stunning.

holding.jess holding.jess

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Me and my boyfriend went on a tour bus to see it, we didn't go inside but it looked beautiful from the outside.


Milou Milou

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It's Gaudi who takes me to Barcelona. I've always loved his work, and dreamt to see it "for real". It's done, and it was awesome. I specially recommand The Sagrada familia  and Casa Batllo, it a little expensive, but if you go there you must take the audioguide, it make the visit much more fascinating! 

kansascityseo kansascityseo

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 It is so easy for a business to get lost in the great sea of other businesses on the internet.Businesses that don’t do the right things to stand out will just become another business with an expensive and beautiful website.

patriciahoffman patriciahoffman

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I've been to Barcelona in August 2016 with my friend. We've seen there:


So overall me and my friends have visited 6 Gaudi's works. There are at least 10 of them tho, but I'm still happy af =^.^=

You can read more about Gaudi's works here.


  1. Parc Güell was built between 1900 and 1914 and today is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. I don't remember how much exactly a ticket would cost. Me and my friends were going to buy tickets, but a lady said that in 25 minutes (after sunset. It's very important) they will be free. So we, like all cheap bastards, decided to wait for a bit. And honestly it was a huuuge mistake. After it gets dark pretty fast aaaand if you didn't guess yet... you can't see anything when it's dark :) But we saw some and still felt lucky.
  2. La Pedrera This building is more sculpture than a building.  The facade is a varied and harmonious mass of undulating stone that, along with its forged iron balconies, explores the irregularities of the natural world.  UNESCO recognized this building as World Heritage in 1984. The building looks like a piece of cheese bitten by children.
  3. Casa Batlló is the result of a total restoration in 1904 of an old conventional house built in 1877.  Gaudí used for it the typical constructive elements of the Modernisme (Catalan Art Nouveau) that include ceramics, stone, and forged iron.  Even though it was highly criticized by the city during construction due to its radical design that broke all the bylaws of the city, in 1906 the Barcelona City Council awarded it the recognition of being one of the three best buildings of the year.   For me the best part of it was the balcony on the top. There was a cute romantic couple there (AWWWWWW) and they were kissing (AWWWWW [2]) while lots of people from all over the world were taking pictures of the bulding and them kissing (AWWWWW[3]).
  4. Casa Calvet was built between 1898 and 1900 for the Calvets, a family of textile industrialists. This is Gaudi’s most conventional work. The stone facade reflects Baroque influences, along with its bay windows, sculptural decoration, and interior decorations. The shape of the balconies can be seen as a forerunner to shapes used at Casa Batlló, where Gaudí turned much more to the inspiration of nature. The roof is topped with two pediments, each supporting a wrought iron cross.  They are surrounded by various pieces of stone ornamentation and crowned with statues of San Genis and Saint Peter – Calvets saints. This building looks so royal for me. That situation when a building has a personality.
  5. La Sagrada Familia This is the most famous of Gaudí’s works.  This church has been in construction since 1892, and it’s not expected to be finished until 2030.  The church presents an excellent depiction of the relationship between man, nature, and religion through its architecture and facade sculptures. Climbing one of its towers will give you a unique view of Barcelona.   Also, due to its popularity, long queues are to be expected, so you can skip the line by going with any of these tours. Me and my friends decided not to go inside because of long queues, hot temperature, cost of a ticket and religious aspect. But I can tell you a little secret. I adviced you to visit this place twice: once during the day and the other time after sunset. The second time you need to go in a little park which is located right opposite the main entrance caaaause there is a little lake! You can see some kind of reflection of the famous building. It looks spectacular! And it totally worth it.
  6. Cascada Fountain at Park de la Ciutadella was designed by Josep Fontseré in 1881, specifically for the universal exhibition in 1888, with young Gaudí as an assistant. The inspiration for the Cascada was the famous Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy. It is located in Barcelona’s most famous park – Park de la Ciutadella.

    As you can see, Gaudí’s architecture is full of unusual and unexpected characteristics that are not seen in other buildings, let alone other cities in the world.  It’s no surprise why this architect’s works make great sightseeing destinations that without any doubt will create an impression on you. I can't say that this place gave me lots of vibes, but you can take some cool pictures there. That's for sure.

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