See gaudi's works in Barcelona

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Mascha Mascha

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In 2010 me and my friends went on vacation to France (we went to a small town called Argelès-sur-Mer). We decided to go to Barcelona for 1 day and there we also visisted Park Güell.

It was such a nice day and I loved the mosaic!

By the way: I didn't make that picture myself, I found it on Google =P


elinaanna elinaanna

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Jump-on jump-off bus around Barcelona summer 2013 (:

leighlouisepope leighlouisepope

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Went with the girls last april 2013 

Irod0429 Irod0429

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Did this last summer!


atle.frydenlund atle.frydenlund

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Guttetur til Barcelona 2015

moniqua_91 moniqua_91

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Spent 1 week in Spain visiting Madrid, Valencia (La Tomatina) and Barcelona. Gaudi had quite the intricate art work.


Curlyfry Curlyfry

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The inside is beautiful but the outside is amazing. I could spend all day there admiring the details covering the outside of this massive building.


Dancooke92 Dancooke92

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La Sagrada Familia. Parc Guell. Casa Batllo. Casa Mila. All absolutely unique and beautiful!

anna.rudy1313 anna.rudy1313

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Lovely day in Barcelona with my hubby :-)

looulabell looulabell

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Barcelona 2009.

Floro Floro

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His work is fantastic!!! It is very difficult to choose only one picture of his many different works. 

The cript of Gaudi  (also known as the church of Colonia Güell) was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in July 2005. Some good friends are married here :-)

ilyredw ilyredw

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 It was my dream and it came true

anafc99 anafc99

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June 2015


Aggiehead Aggiehead

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 Amazing architecture.  I was surprised at how bright and functional it all was inside.

Yorchibarra Yorchibarra

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EL QUE TODO LO VE. Un rostro que observa a un Cristo cubierto hasta el rostro. Ambos, obras de Gaudí, ambos producto de la casualidad. Al Cristo lo descubrí dentro de la Iglesia de la Sagrada Familia. Lo encontré cubierto probablemente para ser protegido ante una permanente remodelación del templo que pretende culminar una obra que el artista dejó involuntariamente inconclusa. Y el rostro me descubrió en una casa diseñada por el mismo artista. En realidad son ventanas que miran a un patio interior. Un cruce de miradas, un vistazo hacia adentro. ¿Quién mira a quién?


milescopeland17 milescopeland17

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Sagrada Familia is by far the single most impressive man-made structure I have ever seen. Parc Güell, Casa Batlló, and ​Cascada Fountain at Park de la Ciutadella are also quite stunning.

lauren.smalley1 lauren.smalley1

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Young Traveler Blog Young Traveler Blog

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It was just incredible once in a life time experience. I completed this wish in July 2016 because I went on a trip through Spain with my friends I visited Madrid, Granada, Salamanca and of course Barcelona. I got to learn so much during this trip about the spanish history, culture, food, art and language. 

IvanaPaukovac IvanaPaukovac

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beautiful church and park

katy.matthews3 katy.matthews3

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Saw these in 2013, photos to follow. Amazing city, would visit again.

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