See Juliet’s wall in Verona

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We stayed in Verona for Valentines weekend and went to see Juliet's balcony. I, Sara O'Brien, wrote a letter to Juliet and she replied (months later -_-).





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Cute ;) 


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It was interesting to see in real life.  There isn't much to see, but it was fun to see.  Mostly there are a lot of people in a small space and this was about mid trip for me.  I got a picture and visited the shop and left to see the rest of the town.  

JenMe JenMe

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Irgendwann als ich klein war...

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with familiy


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We went to Italy for our honeymoon. Verona was pretty and it had a road of pink marble but everything was so small and crowded. You were literally shoulder to shoulder pushing through this tiny tunnel to see it. We saw it and took a picture then got out. It wasn't worth it.

Flaxenhaircynic Flaxenhaircynic

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March, 2008

There was a TON of graffiti

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laura.cody.33 laura.cody.33

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I added a post it note to the wall and groped the breast of Juliette's statue (it's good luck apparently!)


aemi.bestman aemi.bestman

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I took a day trip down to Verona, which I must say whizzed way passed my expectations. I thought it would be a nice city to look at, it was beyond beautiful and had perfect blend of ancient and modern. It's a tiny city so a day was enough to see a lot of Verona, especially if you're traveling around with a cool friend from Italy who loves to show off his knowledge of all the best places to see. Not least of which was Casa di Guilietta aka Juliette's house.

The queue to post a message on this wall is insane and if you are not a love struck romantic (like me) you see no point in doin that. I did however, touch the statue's boob, although I never figured out why everyone was doing that, but hey when in Rome... well Verona, but Italy nonetheless.

kevmeister36 kevmeister36

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the first year i went to italy i visited Verona for the day and seen it that day


Storyas Storyas

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Last summer a friend and I went to Verona. The city is nice but the wall wasn´t. It wasn´t romantic and it wasn´t at all as in the movies. I will spare you the details but it didn´t look nice or clean.

But still, we left a letter just for the sake of it.

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June 2012!

laizacorrea laizacorrea

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It has become one of my favorite destinations.

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