See Niagra Falls

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r.w.b r.w.b

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 One of the most beautiful places I've ever visited. Only went on the american side, but took the maid of the mist boat ride.<  Highly reccomend spending the extra money.

Danilee21 Danilee21

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 Weekend getaway to Niagara Falls with my boyfriend. He ask me the question and I said yes! Will remember forever

madrusty madrusty

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From the Canadian SIde in July 2013.


rachelmue rachelmue

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Fall Break 2008

dadum86 dadum86

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Great to see the power of the falls. Crossed the rainbow bridge to see it from the Canadian side as well. Plus the boat upto it is a must do. I'd also reccomend walking upstream of the falls as the rapids are impressive as well.

jenschaeffer jenschaeffer

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DavieU DavieU

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May 2013. Not as good as Igacu Falls. But impressive all the same

K8tetheGreat K8tetheGreat

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Niagra Falls was an AMAZING experience.

It is so unbelieveable to keep watching the volume of water that pours over - I kept expecting it to run out! I throughly enjoyed the Maid of the Mist boat ride and the tours in the caves.

P.S. The Canadian side really is prettier - sorry, Buffalo.


twilightseven twilightseven

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I got to see Niagra Falls when I went up and visited my Aunt in Canada. I took a bunch of pictures but the camera had malfunctioned and I lost all of them.

I got to learn about this ship that is stuck on the river just above Niagra Falls. That was pretty interesting.  Its still stuck there on this small land piece and has yet to go over. 

And I also learned while up there, there are actually two falls up there. Only Niagra Falls is the most well known.


Musicalaznfreak Musicalaznfreak

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It was pretty good, just don't go when you're being rushed to go back home for something, just go in your free time, but other than that it was really nice 

dianabanana101 dianabanana101

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Saw the Canadian and American sides several times now!

hwilliamson hwilliamson

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 Christmas 2015 with Belinda

Sansa Sansa

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In winter! It was really cold there!

ArcAngel ArcAngel

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I went to Canada for a few days on a tour, and we got to spend a day in the area around Niagara and America Falls. I went on the Maid of the Mist to really get up close. Our tour group had also watched a short movie about the Falls, and some stories behind it. We were there a bit late, and I remember seeing the colors as it lit up. That was a few years ago, so I was about 10. A really cool trip, and I'd love to go again!

Miss-Lu Miss-Lu

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Visited Niagra falls in January 2014, frozen for the first time in 50 years! Truly amazing! 


icanfly icanfly

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 so pretty, and the boat was wet but fun, im glad it was sunny!

rust.brad rust.brad

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Visited Niagra with Dondi and got to eat wings in Buffalo.

When traveling for work, Steve and I bolted out of the meeting and drove to Niagra Falls.

lwhitfield lwhitfield

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My mom took me to niagra falls when I was youger. So I believe I should revisit it to share with my children.

cmadison414 cmadison414

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When I saw it, I was absolutely stunned. It was even more amazing than I thought it would be.

redd6383 redd6383

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Rode on the maid of the mist at the bottom of the falls. Amazing place to see

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