See the Berlin Wall

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elfen elfen

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I did this when I went tp Berlin with my paretens and when I went with my high school

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Rented bicycles with my sister and best friend. Road all around Berlin, up and down the wall. 

motordad motordad

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 While teaching a class in Darmstadt, I flew to visit friends in Berlin for the weekend. They took me to the Berlin Wall and several other places. I highly recommend you try currywurst and Berlinerweiss too. Look for the bullet holes in the church where Martin Luther King Jr. spoke during the cold war. It's a beautiful city. Incidentally, this was the 3rd communist border I've seen. First was an active East German check point while I was there with the military in 1987, then I visited Pan Mun Jom (North-South Korea truce village), and the Berlin Wall was the 3rd. See the museum showing what it was like when the border was closed. It costs a little extra, but so worth it. 

atle.frydenlund atle.frydenlund

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 The art is great. The town is great. 

madisonkinnard madisonkinnard

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 Visited back in my junior year in high school during a school trip in Europe over Easter :)

Floro Floro

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 We saw the Berlin Wall different places in Berlin; The East side gallery, small parts of the wall around in the city and the Berlin Wall Memorial. There is a small exhibition on the North station explaining how the Berlin Wall was handled in the U-Bahn.

emmajforsgren emmajforsgren

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In the middle of January me and my bf went to Berlin, Germany and went to see among other things, the Berlin Wall. Powerful, but not so much remaining of it! 

Surajit Surajit

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I lost 100 Euros there. 

Tips: When you lose euros...never convert it into INR. Might give you nightmares. 

dodgethecat dodgethecat

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Such an amazing piece of History, it is so bizarre to think that the wall only fell 21 and a bit years ago. It is so much more than just a wall and coupled with the photos and stories of the families ripped apart or the people who tried to climb the wall to freedom, the Berlin wall is truly one of the most breath taking sites in Berlin. It’s hard to think that one day people were citizens of Berlin and the next they could not even communicate with their next door neighbour for fear of being shot. It’s hard to describe how awe inspiring the Berlin wall is we are just so fortunate we can choose which side we want to be on. 


Maartje Maartje

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freemimi2003 freemimi2003

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Back in Summer 1990...just after wall 'came down'...but still up in a lot of places.

frogerz frogerz

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Didn't see as much of it as I could, still good though! Crazy to think it only came down 25 years ago..


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