See the golden gate bridge

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ZombieGirl ZombieGirl

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 Even though I didn't get to see it it up close it was still a very cool experience! There where birds everywhere and it was raining and storming so I got to see it with storm clouds behind it. I saw it while on the boat to Alcatraz Island. It was a view I will never forget! 

hummingbird0406 hummingbird0406

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saw it.  cycled over it. lost it in the fogs. learnt why its the Golden Gate bridge (despite being red). truly magnificent.

wordzy wordzy

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It was cold and windy but even then it was a spectacular sight to see! On another night we drove across it in the dark. Another amazing way to see it with all the lights casting shadows across it.

gadgetgal7 gadgetgal7

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It was one of the most beautiful sights that I have seen at night.


brittnic45 brittnic45

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in 2010 while living in California with Scott, Aiden and Brody! We walked half way across...amazing! [email protected]

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This was something I never thought I would get to do, but in May of 2013, I went to California (a state I never thought I'd see), stayed in San Francisco and drove over the Golden Gate Bridge 3 times! I must have taken 80 pictures of the bridge. It's truly an incredible engineering marvel.

amp99 amp99

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We rode bikes over the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was so windy that day I ended up having to use a bracelt as a hair bow to keep my long hair from blinding me as it whipped around my face.


kfresh kfresh

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[email protected]/7071287701/in/photolist-bLSctt-5cTsTq-7uys1-sqt9-c6mRh1-axiND-a8Mhdi-a8QcD3-aeHhSg-aEt7xF-9SeuTK-7Wrbbj-rwjK9-bAGmJg-cqJrnq-6dkzcH-81X92v-J2SNJ-5opme3-b5mQw-8xTmuG-8xQkD6-cuB6uC-8xTkLG-8xQib8-ePQWyq-4dN2bY-bb5yBZ-8xTnnS-BzwPa-c74uCy-qCjof-99jWR9-9NZgp8-b2X7Vv-dPTiEq-dtqEWV-dwXtDm-3eWq1n-bZXHjJ-7dyfU-7dyfi-J1tYH-8xQjkB-4qErnh-cdLt8m-7iiLkC-6KURVh-c731Xu-dVR7oS-dSmPe6 

Last Day in San Fran this summer I finally got to see and cross the Golden Gate Bridge.  It really was worth the wait the site was breathe taking.  the fog finally cleared on the other side so me and my party go to see the the best view! It was the best wrap up to  a summer in California! 

Namina13 Namina13

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Not only is the Golden Gate Bridge a beautidul sight, so is the rest of San Fransisco. 

toadswife toadswife

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From a cruise ship and drove across

voellmerch voellmerch

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laura.milne0723 laura.milne0723

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July 1999, and May 2008

jvaldivia jvaldivia

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rode a bike across it too!


Gjkarps Gjkarps

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cessry cessry

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Traveling to Oregon I passed through SF with my father & boyfriend at the time. It was almost 10 years ago.

I can't think of any challenges at the moment.

Would I recommend it? I guess as something to do up North, nothing too crazy or life changing for me.


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